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Portrait of a Red Knight

Silhouette of Graduate

Each student at Benilde-St. Margaret's is unique, with his or her own interests, talents, skills, and aspirations for the future. BSM celebrates and honors the individuality of each student and is committed to being a partner for every student and their family as they learn and grow towards graduation and beyond.

What is a Red Knight?

Benilde-St. Margaret's has created a shared vision articulating the aspirations of our community for every student. This vision is called the Portrait of a Red Knight, guiding and shaping the classroom experience, the work behind the scenes, and the overarching mission of BSM. The Portrait of a Red Knight guides our efforts to provide an excellent education, empowering and inspiring learners so they can lead lives of faith, achieve academic excellence, and contribute meaningfully to a global society.

The Portrait of a Red Knight defines the educational experience one can expect at BSM. It guides the systems, programming, and communication at BSM providing the foundation for strategic planning. The Portrait identifies the skills, virtues, and benefits imparted to students while in school, defining the objectives for BSM's commitment to each student. 

This resource is critical for the education of your student. The work of our administration, faculty, and staff is guided by the Portrait, and informs prospective families how

  • the BSM mission is "Student First" focused;
  • each of us in the BSM community plays a valued role in fulfilling that mission; and
  • being a Red Knight is transformative and invaluable for life.

Let's take a closer look at the four components of the Portrait of a Red Knight.

The Portrait of a Red Knight

The Portrait of a Red Knight aligns with BSM initiatives by:

  • Guiding the formation of new initiatives
  • Benchmarking existing programs
  • Fostering student growth through one or more of the components of the Profile