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Our Mission

We educate, empower, and inspire learners within a Catholic community to lead lives of faith, achieve academic excellence, and contribute meaningfully to a global society.

Our Identity Statement

Benilde-St. Margaret's is a Catholic, co-educational college-preparatory school serving students in grades 7-12. Rooted in the vibrant traditions of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, the Christian Brothers, and the Order of St. Benedict, we are uniquely blessed with three charisms that guide how we teach, act, and treat one another. 

We develop the whole student through a rigorous curriculum, leading-edge learning experiences, extensive co-curricular opportunities, faith formation, and a robust service-learning program. We value our strong and lifelong relationships with parents, alumni, local schools, parishes, religious organizations, and the larger Benilde-St. Margaret’s community.

As a Catholic community, 
We unite through our shared humanity,
by embracing our differences,
while leading in one collective Spirit.

- Our BSM Philosophy

Our Values

Our values are inspired by our founders: the Sisters of St. Joseph, the Christian Brothers, and the Order of Saint Benedict.

God's Presence

We believe in the living presence of God in our students, our community and our world.

We believe each student is created in the image of God, capable of learning, and if guided through quality instruction, capable of great achievements.


We believe in finding balance in work, prayer, and leisure.

We believe that faith permeates life, gives meaning to learning, and both are life-long processes.


We celebrate diversity and welcome all members of our community.

We believe that teachers, staff, coaches, and parents share in the responsibility to provide quality instruction, model conscientious behavior, and assist students in learning to make good decisions based on Christian values.

Respect for Others

We honor and respect the dignity of all individuals.

We believe that diversity and multicultural education are essential as we prepare students to live and work in an ever-evolving, complex society.


We educate students not only to contribute to society, but also to transform it; to use their knowledge and talents to critically examine and engage the world inspired by the message of the Gospel.

We believe that the whole person is integral to learning. We attend to the intellectual, physical, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual well-being of each student and provide a safe and enriching environment to foster creativity.