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Our Catholic Identity

Student in chapel praying

The first sentence of the Benilde-St. Margaret's mission statement puts our Catholic identity front and center in everything we do. The faith journey of each of our junior and senior high students, faculty and staff is respected.

Our students' faith is enriched and nourished through a comprehensive program comprised of theology classes, campus ministry, service and an active faith community. 

Our Spiritual Heritage

Benilde-St. Margaret’s School is deeply rooted in three vibrant Catholic traditions:

  • The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet founded St. Margaret's Academy,
  • The Christian Brothers founded Benilde High School which merged with St. Margaret’s in 1974, and
  • The Benedictines from Saint John’s University in Collegeville, MN and the College of St. Benedict’s in St. Joseph MN provided leadership for BSM.

Each of these religious orders has blessed us with its charism –  a unique character and mission, a gift entrusted to them by God to share with the world.  Today, Benilde-St. Margaret’s faculty and staff unify the spirit of these founding traditions and carry forward the character and mission of each by offering an educational community rooted in faith.

Some of the strongest elements of these charisms are:

  • Trust that the Spirit provides us with means and the guidance to do what must be done and the diligence to bring about right relationships (Sisters of St. Joseph)
  • Kindness in holding one another accountable and provision of a practical, effective and accessible education (Christian Brothers)
  • A warm and generous welcome of all and a sense of rootedness and mission (Benedictines)

We balance the traditions and legacies of our founders with the following elements:

  • We foster a personal relationship with God, shaped by, and expressed in, prayer.
  • We provide a caring environment for everyone in our community.
  • Catholic teaching informs our curriculum.
  • We promote ethical behavior marked by service and a search for justice.

Learn how we’re living out our founding orders at BSM:

Living the Legacy