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Red Knights Attend Career in Sports Event

Red Knights Attend Career in Sports Event
Written by Marketing & Communications EPIC intern Isabella Yacoub '25

On Wednesday, April 10, students had the opportunity to attend a Career in Sports Day, hosted by the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx. Through the EPIC internship program at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, Red Knights visited Target Center, the home of these professional sports teams, and received firsthand advice from executives and leaders within the Timberwolves and Lynx franchises. 

The day began with a panel discussion of senior vice presidents, and afterward, students participated in a speed networking event and tour of Target Center. In attendance was junior Ashley Skram, who shared, “My favorite part about the Timberwolves and Lynx day was when we split up into small groups and talked to a bunch of different people in the Timberwolves franchise about their specific career in sports.” During the speed networking event, representatives from various departments within the franchise spoke about their specific positions. “My favorite part was listening to the professionals talk about how they got their job and the advice they had for people trying to get into the sports world,” said Tori Hopkins ‘25. Ranging from marketing and filming to ticket sales, each representative shared their own career path and pieces of advice.

Many students agreed the highlight of the day was the executive panel discussion, where speakers reflected on their role and strategy in the Timberwolves franchise, as well as their advice to students looking to begin a career in sports. Jeff Munneke, Vice President of Fan Experience, emphasized the importance of creating a memorable culture surrounding the team. He explained that fan experience is a filter for making a positive and lasting impact on fans, no matter the outcome of the game.

Mike Grahl, the Chief Marketing Officer, agreed that it is about making memories for fans. Grahl shared that he values the unique connection between players and fans to make fans feel like they are part of a special culture surrounding the teams. His advice for students highlighted the importance of making a strong first impression in job interviews and internships, as well as asking thoughtful questions. Reflecting on Grahl’s advice, Skram shared, “You really have to network yourself and meet people to get into a company. You also have to do a bunch of interviews and be persistent in everything you do.” He also advised preparation and practice before entering a new career and stressed the value of building strong relationships and connections with people right at the start of your career. 

Tru Pettigrew, Chief Impact Officer, reminded students that work is only one aspect of our lives, and what he experiences in his role is an opportunity to engage with the community. “I serve others in what I do, it’s who I am to serve others,” said Pettigrew.

Reflecting on the day, Hopkins said, “Not every single person who has a job with the Timberwolves knew what they wanted to do before they got their job there, and they all took different paths to get to this point. That is important for me to know when I am going into college.” Receiving lifelong advice, the Timberwolves and Lynx Career in Sports Day was a great opportunity for BSM students to explore a possible future in the sports industry and discover different careers they may be interested in.

That same evening following the event, students were also provided with tickets to the Timberwolves game against the Washington Wizards. They were advised to pay attention to all of the work that is done behind the scenes during each timeout, break, or halftime. That way, they can understand the effort the entire Timberwolves and Lynx franchise puts into the culture and experience of a home game.

BSM’s EPIC program allows students to explore different careers through internships, job shadowing, and attending events. Available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, students are given the opportunity to explore and discover different passions and careers they may undertake. The Timberwolves and Lynx Career in Sports Day was just the beginning for many Red Knights.

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