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Red Knight Renovations: Building Bright Futures

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Red Knight Renovations: Building Bright Futures


By Julia Lealos ‘24, BSM EPIC Marketing & Communications Intern

The library mid-renovation Summer '22.

The library mid-renovation during Summer '22.

Throughout the past few years, the Benilde-St. Margaret’s campus has undergone many remodels to bring about new and innovative learning spaces for students. The atrium, science classrooms, and the cube all took shape through this initiative. Over the summer of 2022, the library and college and career center became the focus of renovation. With successful remodels made in the last few years, Red Knights were looking forward to the new addition.  

To create a better flow of space, the college and career center now houses offices and meeting space for all of BSM’s counselors, something that principal Stephanie Nitchals advocated for to strengthen the counseling department’s collaboration. CFO Natalie Ramier noted the school “wanted them to be able to have the synergy of working in the same space, host college fairs right there, and ensure they were easily accessible to students.” Since the remodel, the new college and career center has hosted 50+ colleges, and is looking to host even more throughout the year.  

BSM drew up some plans and got to work on remodeling in early June 2022. Throughout the summer and the early part of the school year, construction was underway, leaving students and the community excited to see what would be unveiled. “During the process of revising the space, we interviewed Ms. Sylvester, our school librarian, who also indicated that it would be helpful to have the conference room access be outside the library in order to minimize traffic disrupting students studying,” Ramier shared.  

BSM students enjoying the newly renovated space.

Red Knights were not disappointed when the tarps came down. The new space features seven offices for counselors, a flexible conference room with access from the main entrance, and a large amount of space set aside for students to use in the library. Ramier stated, “We intentionally selected furniture that would be conducive to both quiet study and quiet reading for students.” Junior Josephine Lealos says, “I love the tables by the windows because there is so much space to lay my work out and get stuff done.”  

Students began using the new space at the end of September. We are so grateful for all who helped us bring this project to life, and we hope that students and faculty alike will be able to dive into their futures and careers in this new space.

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