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New Faith & Mission Director Continues BSM’s Legacy

New Faith & Mission Director Continues BSM’s Legacy
Written by Marketing & Communications EPIC intern Mykenah Anderson '26

Nick Brady was appointed the director of faith and mission during the start of the 2023-2024 school year at Benilde-St. Margaret's. In this role he supports faculty, staff, and students as they continue to develop their faith, he leads the yearly retreats for each grade level and is in charge of the newly revitalized peer ministry program. 

When Brady first arrived, he discovered the long tradition and history of Catholic faith experiences within the school. “It’s wonderful to see so many examples of faith and mission in St. Margaret’s Academy and Benilde High School still thriving at BSM long after the merger in 1974,” Brady said. “The hard work and countless hours invested by the current BSM campus ministry team reflects the depth of our Catholic tradition and their passion for being present for students. I’m honored to be working with these talented and self-sacrificing people.” 

Brady believes his hiring demonstrates the school’s commitment to keeping faith and mission at the heart of every experience offered to students. “BSM has a long and rich history of inviting students to immerse themselves in the experiences of a Catholic school,” Brady noted. “Through servant leadership, being compassionate and respectful to all, and taking advantage of the opportunities to grow and learn about yourself allows each student to navigate the global world we live in.”

Brady speaks with junior high students in BSM's Chapel

A native of Illinois, Brady comes to BSM most recently from parish ministry work in local Catholic parishes. He supported youth by organizing events and opportunities to explore their faith and ask the hard questions. So far, he is enjoying the same experiences at BSM as he continues building relationships with fellow Red Knights over the course of the school year.

One aspect of Brady’s role is to oversee the retreat program at BSM, a long-standing tradition that serves for moments of self-reflection and discovery. “Mike Jeremiah has done such an amazing job as the mastermind behind the retreat experience at BSM,” Brady said, adding, “The vision for retreats moving forward is to build upon his efforts ensuring students continue to have a positive and enriching experience.”

While nearly 61% of students at BSM are Catholic, all students attend grade-level retreats and are encouraged to participate in varying ways depending on their faith backgrounds. “It is not expected that every student would have a desire or interest in what Catholics know as a personal encounter with Christ,” Brady explained, adding, “Yet, the principles guiding and setting the stage for the retreat encounters are of universal application.”

Brady notes that the faith experience at BSM provides all students with the skills and knowledge to use on their journeys through life. “The inherent value of a Catholic education is the quality of the program offered to anyone regardless of their faith tradition or background.”

Retreats have been and continue to be a fundamental part of the BSM community. “Retreats provide an opportunity for a personal encounter with Christ and each other through prayer, community, testimony, and knowledge,” Brady explained, “As our first value signals, God is present and animates all of our lives and the BSM community. Nothing is more important than leaning into this presence to fuel and bless what happens at BSM.”

As director of faith and mission, Brady also oversees the peer ministry program. The program was paused due to COVID-19 in recent years with this school year being the first time it’s been available for students since the pandemic. "BSM has a long history of inviting students into a Catholic Community of learning. I am honored to be a part of this mission of raising up tomorrow's leaders," Brady shared. There are 38 peer ministers in total, this includes sophomores, juniors, and seniors. These students meet on an almost weekly basis for morning prayer on Wednesdays and in various small groups Monday through Thursday. During these meetings, Brady leads peer ministers through formation and planning for upcoming retreats.

“I expect to learn a lot from the students this year about what works well and what does not, fine tuning the program next year with an eye towards growing the number of students involved to increase capacity,” Brady stated, adding, “I also see great opportunity for peer ministers to expand their work beyond the retreats and into other areas such as leading other students in prayer and in small groups during the school year.”

Brady has done a great job during this school year creating special memories for peer ministers and providing them with valuable life lessons through their weekly meetings. “In peer ministry, we have led various retreats for students and learned leadership skills through organizing events, working as a team, and interacting with others,” shared Abbie Marusich ‘26. “Some highlights from the year have been leading the BSM junior high and freshman retreats, visiting other schools to lead retreats, and gathering weekly for prayer with scripture and worship music. It's been great to make new friends and learn skills that are valuable for the rest of our lives.” 

"BSM is embedded in the surrounding community and I am eager to carry on the history of building relationships with our neighboring parishes and grade schools, partnering to help ensure a bright future for all the students we serve at BSM," Brady commented. 

What sets BSM apart from other private schools in the Twin Cities is the solid foundation grounded in the teachings of the Catholic Faith. The long-standing BSM traditions of daily prayers, retreats, theology courses, celebrating all-school Mass, and service projects have been enhanced this year with the addition of Nick Brady.

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