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BSM Welcomes Holocaust Survivor

BSM Welcomes Holocaust Survivor
Written by Marketing & Communications EPIC intern Matilda Pihart '24

On Tuesday, Mar. 26, the Benilde-St Margaret’s family was honored to welcome speaker Manny Gabler, as he spent the morning as a Red Knight. During a school-wide convocation, Gabler spoke about his experiences surviving the Holocaust and dealing with antisemitism throughout his life. The story of his family's perseverance in the face of one of the most gruesome genocides to date is one of bravery and strength. 

BSM additionally welcomed students from neighboring schools including DeLaSalle, Totino Grace, and Holy Family. Hearing Gabler's story and extending the experience with our neighbors in faith was a special experience.“Being Jewish I’ve heard a lot of stories, but I’ve only met one other survivor. I’ve never heard a story like this. It’s a very different perspective,” shared DeLaSalle student Camille Weinstein.

The gathering provided students, faculty, and staff alike an invaluable opportunity to listen and learn from Gabler. Following the assembly, students were given the opportunity to talk with each other and ask Gabler questions, as well as better understand his journey. “I just think it’s really important for all students at many different schools to be educated on the history and first-hand stories,” said Bridget Wickner ‘25.

Gabler had much to say on the value and importance of kindness in the face of adversity which inspired many. “I try and find the best in people. I don’t put people in categories when we’re all just human beings,” Gabler shared. 

Learning the true history and sharing it with the world was a strong point Gabler made throughout the retelling of his story. Sophomore Naomi Adams expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn new information about the history of the Holocaust. “I think it’s important because people need to be educated on what happened in the past,” Adams said. 

Gabler's parting words left a lasting imprint on the audience,“You [students] are the storytellers of the future, if someone tries to deny the holocaust you can now tell them you have met a survivor.”

One BSM is an important message for our school and community, but it also includes our neighbors, friends, and families. Embracing diversity and learning from one another’s experiences are fundamental values in our school. Since we at BSM embrace each other for the differences that make us who we are, we're grateful for Gabler's visit allowing us to explore this crucial historical event through a personal lens.

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