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BSM Students Address Real-World Challenges

BSM Students Address Real-World Challenges
Written by Marketing & Communications EPIC intern Isabella Yacoub '25

This year has been filled with memories, hard work, and achievement among the students who participated in BSM’s Model United Nations. Model UN mimics what happens in real United Nations conferences, where students are able to research and represent countries to identify solutions for real-world issues. The goal is to negotiate and solve problems with other “countries”– represented by students from different schools. Passing a resolution based on the negotiations within a committee is considered a victory.

“It’s a compromise, it’s research, and having a notion of let’s try to make it a win-win situation,” said Ms. Anne-Marie Dominguez, an advisor for BSM’s Model UN team. She notes how important it is for students to learn about negotiation and strengthen their communication skills. These students have successfully come together in groups to provide solutions for real-world problems on behalf of actual countries’ points of view. “It’s also important to know a lot about a country that they may not agree with. They are representing a country, not how they feel as students,” Ms. Dominguez stated. This expands students’ knowledge of world events and the positions of other countries, teaching them how to create solutions that benefit each country involved in a particular crisis or conflict.

Red Knights have put great effort into their groups this season, reaching successful resolutions within their committees at different Model UN conferences. One student, Kat Mulgrew ‘25, represented China with four other students – Al Brown ‘25, Malinda Arreola ‘25, Brynja Lockman ‘25, and Ellery Shoen ‘25 – and also took part in the Economic and Social Council, a leadership board that discussed additional problems in the world. She was able to expand her role in Model UN, discussing important issues like modern-day slavery and planning budgets for the council. “This role is important in learning how to work with other people and be flexible to come to different compromises,” Mulgrew said. She also remarked that Model UN has been filled with fun memories during and outside conferences. For example, heads up seven up and charades are popular games for the committee to play in their free time.

Another student, Marina Vonhof ‘25, represented Argentina during the conferences. Vonhof stated that joining the club has helped her “get better at public speaking and learn more about the United Nations.” On top of the educational component, she also agreed the conferences have been memorable and fun, making friends along the way.

Throughout each conference, teachers write notes about students who particularly stand out in a committee for their hard work and effort. Multiple BSM students have received these recognitions during the season. Micheal McDonald ‘24 won the position of president of the International Court of Justice, giving him the role of leading conferences and hearing specific cases, which is a major leadership position in Model UN at the state level.

Participants feel the BSM Model UN club is a great opportunity for students to learn and use skills they will need in the future. In a world where diplomacy and collaboration are needed every day–especially at the international level–the Red Knights involved with our Model UN club have taken their interests to another level and experienced first-hand what a discussion in the real United Nations might look like. We are so proud of these students for their hard work and look forward to seeing the positive resolutions they will bring to our world!

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