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BSM Student Interns are Doing EPIC Things

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BSM Student Interns are Doing EPIC Things

By BSM's EPIC Marketing & Communications Interns Julia Lealos ’24 and Elle Sinning ’24

Benilde-St. Margaret’s School offers numerous programs to prepare students for college and their futures. Providing Red Knights with opportunities to consider various pathways while still in high school allows students to be more confident in their decisions and post-graduation plans. 

In the fall of 2019, BSM’s Dr. Steve Pohlen ’86, director of curriculum, instruction, and innovation, formed a professional partnership program at BSM called EPIC (Explore, Partner, Inspire, Connect). Through the EPIC program, Dr. Pohlen hopes to “give students an opportunity to do something that's related to a passion of theirs outside of the classroom walls” and garner excitement for the future. Students involved in the program receive insight and opportunities to hone their skills in fields of interest. Dr. Pohlen noted that students often ask why they need to learn a particular subject. EPIC demonstrates that answer in real time as students partake in authentic learning opportunities.

EPIC offers a variety of internships and other professional experiences for which students can apply or choose to participate in.

A few of these opportunities students are involved with this year include:

  • The hockey business and marketing internship has multiple students working on the BSM’s hockey media guide, helping with the business side of advertisements as well as working creatively with InDesign and Photoshop. Audrey Peterson ’23 noted that the internship has given her a clear purpose with official working deadlines. Dr. Pohlen states this as one of the great things about EPIC, acknowledging the importance of learning real-life skills by working on real-life assignments.
  • Another internship offered is with BSM’s own admissions department. Student work to analyze statistics, brainstorm new ways to reach out to prospective students, and assist with events such as open houses and campus tours.
  • BSM’s IT department welcomes two students to assist with the help desk and technology inquiries.
  • Additionally, BSM’s marketing and communications team has an EPIC internship that teaches students about the industry. Red Knights who are involved have the opportunity to connect with the community, formulate social media posts and articles reflective of BSM’s mission, and hear from guest speakers who share about their expertise in the field.
  • Twin Cities Film Fest Interns
    Outside organizations such as the Twin Cities Film Festival partner with BSM to allow interns to tap into their creative skills and produce projects focused on cinematography, business, technology, and editing. With a marketing, business, and creative team, the internship caters to all areas.
  • A partnership with Airvuz allows students to explore their skills at digital marketing and communication, video production, website design, and business development. Airvuz is an online drone video community for sharing and curating content.
  • Finally, the CARES (Carolyn’s Advocates Reaching Every Student) internship focuses on helping careers. Allowing students to explore their options when it comes to helping others can be beneficial. This internship focuses on counseling, special education, social work, speech-language pathology, physical therapy, psychology, and more.
  • Beyond the internships, other EPIC experiences allow students to participate in events that last one to three days. Examples have included NCAA Press Day, the University of St. Thomas Entrepreneurship Day, Minnesota Cyber Security Conference, MN Association of Children’s Mental Health Conference, and the Timberwolves/Lynx Business Day.

Other opportunities will become available throughout the year as interest from students is learned and more partnerships with organizations are made. Although there is already an impressive line-up, Dr. Pohlen notes that more internships such as engineering, law, and architecture will be developed in the near future. 

EPIC is a program unique to BSM which equips students for their future endeavors and instills confidence in their abilities. With all the skills EPIC interns gain from these internships, Red Knights are quickly becoming leaders and setting themselves up for success. 

If you are interested in being an EPIC partner or intern, learn more here or reach out to Dr. Steve Pohlen at


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