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BSM Guest Speaker Encourages Students to Fear Less

BSM Guest Speaker Encourages Students to Fear Less
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On Thursday, Feb. 1, Benilde-St. Margaret’s welcomed international speaker and author Darryl Bellamy, Jr. to an all-school convocation as part of BSM’s celebration of Catholic Schools Week and Black History Month.

Bellamy’s presentation, entitled “Fearful to Fear(less) @BSM,” focused on the importance of personal and leadership development to help individuals embrace fear to fear less. “Students need to know they are not alone in having fears,” Bellamy explained, “Leaning in and embracing fears helps us see that others share the same fears – and the small steps and moments we take can create big fear-less experiences.”

Darryl Bellamy, Jr. speaks with students at BSM.

Bellamy has spoken to hundreds of audiences around the world, collecting nearly 60,000 fears from event participants, helping students and educators not eliminate fear but embrace it in their lives. Bellamy’s presentation at BSM was his first at a Catholic school, and he was impressed with how the students were engaged and open to share their fears. “The fears BSM students shared today will inspire other students in the future to fear less,” Bellamy explained. “Their willingness to be vulnerable shows they were locked in and understood what it means to fear less.”

For McKenzie McMoore ’25 and Michaela Warfield ‘24, Bellamy’s presentation was inspiring. “I liked what he said – I realized I need to not be afraid in school or in life to do what I need to do to succeed,” Warfield said. “I liked how he was able to get the students vulnerable,” McMoore said, “It can help us as a community to be more accepting and supportive of one another.”

The presentation included an opportunity for students and faculty to write down what they fear and then place the fear cards in a virtual fire as a way to express their fears. Bellamy explained that sharing fears with others allows us to support each other, creating a place where all feel welcome. After reading some of the fears shared by students, Bellamy then guided them through a process to TRACE, EMBRACE, and provide themselves with more GRACE to create lasting change.

The Trace, Embrace, and Grace approach reduces pressure to act or do things in a certain way that prevents growth, Bellamy explained. Fears of what may happen shouldn’t prevent students from taking the steps that can lead to real growth. “Creating a place where we all feel welcome and respected is meaningful and opens for all students.”

Bellamy led an engaging dialogue with students to identify fears and how to use thought-provoking strategies and mindfulness to create a fearless culture which can inspire lasting change and true potential together. “Darryl did a great job of helping students recognize why creating a fearless culture is important at BSM,” said Nick Brady, BSM’s director of faith and mission. “His presentation reinforces of Catholic identity, that doing what’s right and being people of character is who we are as Red Knights.”

BSM hosts guest speakers during annual commemorations like Catholic Schools Week and Black History Month to provide students with opportunities to learn and grow from the experiences and knowledge shared by guest speakers.

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