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Board Governance

BSM Board Officers

Laura Portz, Chair
Tom Lynch, Vice Chair
Pat Kocourek, Treasurer
John Vonhof, Secretary
Danielle Hermanny '03, BSM President

Executive Committee

Laura Portz, chair
Danielle Hermanny '03, BSM President

The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the board and the chairperson for each of the committees.  This committee advises and supports the school’s leadership team between board meetings, providing guidance and input as needed.

Finance Committee (and Audit Subcommittee)

Pat Kocourek, chair
Natalie Ramier, BSM Leadership Team contact

This committee meets on a regular basis each year, overseeing the financial affairs, condition, planning, and budgets, managing significant financial matters for the school.

The Audit Subcommittee meets twice yearly, during the fall and spring Finance Committee meetings, ensuring the fiduciary soundness of the School's operations.

Nominating Subcommittee

Maureen Grazzini, chair

This committee meets multiple times during the year, reviewing candidates for the BSM board and committees, matching the best candidates with the needs of the school.

Investment Subcommittee

Jason Matz, chair
Natalie Ramier, BSM Leadership Team contact

This committee meets on a regular basis yearly, working with the Finance chair and the CFO to review and manage the investment portfolio, adhering to objectives and benchmarks in compliance with the school's financial policies.

Governance Committee

John Vonhof, chair
Danielle Hermanny '03, BSM President, Leadership Team contact

The Governance Committee ensures that the Board of Directors is fulfilling its fiduciary, strategic and generative duties to Benilde-St. Margaret’s School. It assesses the effectiveness of the Board of Directors as a whole and aims to ensure that individuals are prepared and responsible.

EIB Committee

Nadia Martyn, Charles Scott, co-chairs
Dennis Draughn, BSM Leadership Team contact

The committee for equity, inclusion, and belonging meets 5 times annually examining our strengths and growth areas, supporting the efforts of other committees and departments at BSM, and the EIB director, focusing on opportunities to continuously foster a community of belonging.

Advancement Committee 

Ann Ruff, chair
Richard Olson, BSM Leadership Team contact

The Advancement Committee meets 4 times yearly to oversee the strategy and policies of the advancement department’s fund-raising activities and events.

Strategic Planning Committee

Tom Lynch, chair
Stephanie Nitchals, BSM Leadership Team contact

This committee meets 5 times yearly and monitors progress on implementation of the BSM strategic plan.

Strategic Enrollment Committee

John Theisen, chair
Ted Freese, BSM Leadership Team contact

This committee meets bi-monthly each year, reviewing programs and opportunities to strengthen the enrollment and marketing initiatives of BSM.