Virtual Learning Resources

Virtual learning is an extension of the regular on-campus classroom. Students will livestream classes and actively participate in discussions and collaborative activities in real time.

Tech Support

Technical assistance can be accessed at the BSM Help Desk by submitting an online request. If a student is having trouble Zooming into their class, please call the Main Office (Kathleen) right away at 952-927-4176.

Click Here to Request technology Help

Math Resource Center

Virtual students are welcome to access the Math Resource Center from home via Zoom.

Click here to enter the Math Center Zoom Room

Spanish Resource Center

Students can log in virtually from school or from home to receive help from Red Knights in the Spanish Language Internship Program (SLIP) who serve as Spanish tutors. The schededule is as follows:

Mondays 3rd Hour - Johan Dominguez-Lopez
Tuesdays 7th Hour - Leonardo Jiménez
Daily 5th Hour, until 12:30 p.m. - Theo Pohlen

Click here to enter the Spanish Resource Zoom Room

Technology: Learning Platforms and Software

Zoom: Zoom is our livestream platform. Students should log in using their school email through Google.

PowerSchool Learning: PowerSchool Learning is the “digital classroom” where students will find important daily information about each of their classes. Teachers use PowerSchool Learning as the primary tool for communicating with students regarding coursework. Typically only students have access to PowerSchool Learning; however, parents can set up a parent account by logging into PowerSchool and clicking on the “PowerSchool Learning” tab on the left navigation bar.

PowerSchool: PowerSchool is where students and parents can view grades and attendance. PowerSchool is related to PowerSchool Learning, but each is a different component.

Click HERe for a tutorial on Zoom and PowerSchool Learning 

Expectations: Attendance and Zoom Etiquette

Attendance: Same as in-class students, virtual students are expected to be present either physically on-campus or virtually in the Zoom room at the start of each period according to the bell schedule.

Please call the following attendance lines: Senior High 952-927-4177 and Junior High 952-219-8444  if the following has occurred: 

  • Your student has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or you have been directed to quarantine. The direction to quarantine may come from a healthcare provider or the MN Dept of Health. You may also be required to quarantine as a result of BSM’s contact tracing procedure, which includes consultation with the MN Dept of Health.  
  • Your student has tested positive for COVID-19
  • Your student develops COVID-19 related symptoms; fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste or smell. Please leave a detailed description of the symptoms. 
  • Finally, call if your student is scheduled to be on campus but will be attending virtually or if your student is unable to attend physically or virtually.

Zoom Etiquette: Students attending class virtually are expected to engage in class activities and display appropriate classroom behavior.

  • Mute yourself upon entry. Unmute if/when your teacher calls on you.
  • BSM dress code must be followed.
  • Do not eat during class.
  • Use your first name as your Zoom name.
  • Video needs to be on (you may use a background, but it must be appropriate) at all times.
  • Do not use the chat or reaction features in Zoom unless directed to do so by your teacher.
  •  Minimize distractions around you to the best of your ability.