Each student’s transportation needs are different. It is our commitment to work hard to provide transportation options for any student interested in attending BSM. The transportation director is constantly working on improved systems for our students and parents. Please contact our Transportation Coordinator, Judy Koski, at 952-767-0645 (or for help or additional information.


2022-2023 - Bus Registration Form - click here

2022-2023 - Transportation Information Flyer - click here

*Due to liability and safety issues, only students registered for a route bus are allowed to ride a route bus.
**Note, the following items are never allowed on route buses: animals, skis, snowboards, knives/sharp objects, golf clubs/bags, matches/lighters, snow boards, gasoline cans, skateboards, glass items, scooters, guns (including play) & weapons, or oversized musical instruments.

Transportation Reimbursement

General Overview: 

A complicated Minnesota State Law guarantees equal school bus transportation to all students -- public and private -- or financial aid as a substitute.  The average amount of this state aid for BSM families is approximately $200 per student or family depending upon the Public School District of home residence.

Since your student does not attend a Public School District school and therefore, does NOT use the public school district transportation – you may need to complete an application for these funds.  Since each public school district has different requirements – the application will be part of Red Knight Roundup either online or in hard copy depending on the Public School District policies.

The entire process takes one full school year to complete – in the fall parents complete applications and BSM reports which students are in attendance to the appropriate school district.  In the spring or at the end of the school year, BSM reports, as required, the days of attendance for those students.  During the summer months, the Public School Districts send out their checks either directly to the families or to BSM.

BSM’s policy for the State Transportation Aid (Transportation Reimbursement) monies, after receipt from the participating public school districts, is to credit it against the individual student’s tuition account.   BSM generally has receipt of all public school district checks by late September of the next school year.  It is at this stage – that either the monies are applied to tuition accounts or noted as donations to BSM.

Currently there are three (3) school districts who do not participate in the process – St. Louis Park – as they provide busing to district students and the school districts of Minneapolis & St. Paul – they have “comparable” schools.

Any questions or concerns:  please contact Judy Koski, Transportation Dept, 952-927-4176, x 2485 or

List of School District Requirements (pdf)

2021-2022 Master Form 1000 (pdf)

Other Ride Options

Metro Transit - Browse their public transportation and carpooling options or contact them directly at 612-373-333.

Carpool List -- BSM Transportation Department will provide our families with a list of current BSM families within your zip code for possible carpool options.  Please contact Judy Koski ( if interested.