Supported by academic rigor and spiritual experiences, we are committed to teaching and celebrating the Catholic faith while simultaneously appreciating differing faith perspectives. Through their theology classes, students will grow in their relationship with the loving God, while nurturing their loving relationships with others, self and creation. As a national service learning leader school, we have embedded service learning into our curriculum. We challenge students to become agents of positive social change in alignment with Catholic Social Teaching. Students are required to enroll in one theology course each semester.


Freshmen are required to choose between either the year-long seminar course OR one semester each, of Introduction to Scripture and Christology: The Person of Jesus


Sophomores are required to enroll in one semester each of Theology 10 as outlined below.


Juniors will engage in a service practicum through the required curriculum. It is essential juniors take great consideration as to which semester they are enrolling in the Discipleship in Society class. This class requires 35 hours of service outside of class time. Be sure to consider all extra-curricular commitments when selecting the semester of this class. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request, but it is not guaranteed.


Seniors are required to enroll in one Theology course each semester and may choose from the electives listed below. Courses may not be repeated.

Freshman Courses
Theology 9: Seminar (YR)

Two semesters, two credits.

Theology 9 Seminar is a year-long course that covers the same fundamentals as the traditional freshman courses but, in a seminar style – relying on conversation, critical thinking, experiential learning, and in-depth processing. The course is designed to meet the needs of students at varying points on their faith journey – those of deep faith, those seekers and students who are unsure of the role faith plays in their life but are open to exploring. Topics covered will range from revelation and relationship, Scripture and story, to the Incarnation and our call to holiness. Students will participate in one school sponsored service project and one individual project. 

Theology 9: Introduction to Scripture (S1)

One semester, one credit.

This course gives students a general knowledge and appreciation of the Sacred Scriptures. Through their study of the Bible, students will come to encounter the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ. In this course, students will learn about the Bible, authored by God through inspiration, and its value to people throughout the world. Students will learn to navigate the Bible and become familiar with the major sections of the Bible and the books included in each section. Throughout the course students will be introduced to a broad range of service experiences as they relate to loving God and others. Students will participate in one school sponsored service project and one individual project. There are no specific hour requirements for this course.

Theology 9: Christology: The Person of Jesus (S2)

One semester, one credit, required.

This course introduces students to the mystery of Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God, and the second Person of the Blessed Trinity. In this course, students will understand Jesus Christ is the ultimate revelation of God. Students will participate in several service projects where they will experience a broad range of needs in our community. Through this service, students will both learn who Jesus is, come to know Him on a personal level, and experience Christ in others as they follow in His footsteps to serve one another. Students will participate in one school sponsored service project and one individual project. There are no specific hour requirements for this course.

Sophomore Classes
Theology 10: Jesus Christ’s Mission in the Church (S1)

One semester, one credit, required.

This course invites you into the reality of the Catholic Church as a visible sacrament of the Body of Christ in our world. In studying the scriptural and historical foundations, as well as the mystical reality of the Church’s presence throughout time, you will come to understand both the institutional and eternal reality of the Church as well as your place within it. This course will explore what happens when ordinary people encounter the living God and how this manifestation of individual faith necessitates a call outward to build a community of prayer, worship, and service.

Theology 10: The Paschal Mystery (S2)

One semester, one credit, required.

The word “paschal” comes from a Hebrew word meaning “the passing over” and in the Christian tradition, refers to the passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. The Paschal Mystery is a core belief of Catholicism. This course will focus on how we as believers share in the promise and hope of the Resurrection. Through servant leadership and service learning, students will enter into the lived experience of the Paschal Mystery.

Junior Classes
Theology 11: Discipleship in Society (S1) or (S2)

One semester, one credit, required.

The Sisters of St. Joseph, one of Benilde-St. Margaret’s founding religious orders, are inspired to Jesus’ invitation to love God and to love our neighbor. Their mission urges us to move from the center where we are comfortable to the margins of vulnerability. Through this course students will deepen and broaden their understanding of the Gospel message and the Church’s social teaching. Students will learn how Christ’s concern for others, especially the poor and vulnerable, is present today in the Church’s mission. Learning about the cycles of poverty and injustice that keep people oppressed, students will discern their roles in service to others. Each student will participate in a service practicum completing 35 hours with one agency during the semester.

Theology 11: Morality (S1) or (S2)

One semester, one credit, required.

Through this course, students will discern how God is calling them to live a life of holiness through their actions. Students will learn moral concepts, philosophical and theological reasoning, and the tenets of the Catholic moral vision. Through various readings from Scripture, Church documents, and other literary and secular writings, students will use seminar-based discussion to address moral dilemmas facing their lives. Students will develop moral decision-making skills and learn to apply those skills through the formation and following of conscience. There is no service requirement for this course.

Senior Courses
Christian Prayer and Spirituality (S1) or (S2)

One semester, one credit, open to seniors.

This course is designed for students who have a more developed interest in theology and spirituality. This class will address the origins and sources of prayer in the Bible and in the life of Jesus, and how those sources have been interpreted through contemporary spiritual literature. This examination of Christian Spirituality will include familiarization with the theology and methodology in the studied traditions. Students will learn, take part in, and develop skills in composing prayer services and retreats.

Christian Vocations (S1) or (S2)

One semester, one credit, open to seniors.

This course is a study of the adult Catholic Christian life and the process of discerning one’s vocation in it. Students will learn about and reflect on their identity, their current belief about God, the universal call of all to holiness, the world of work and money, sexuality, marriage, and the religious life. This course utilizes self-reflection, discussion, and a variety of real life scenarios and simulations to foster learning. Ultimately, students will learn what it means to live an adult Christian life dedicated to God, others, and self to achieve lasting happiness.

Faith in Action (S1)

One semester, one credit, open to seniors.

In the tradition of the founding order of St. Margaret’s Academy, this course honors our Sisters of St. Joseph commitment to moving always toward the profound love of God and love of dear neighbor without distinction. Using Catholic Sacramental theology, students reflect on and advocate for social justice issues. Students become a sign of God’s love through the Gospel call to Right Relationship. Students will learn about the power of human potential to bring positive change in the world. Focus will be placed upon steps of effective advocacy and issues will reflect the sign of the times in light of scripture. Each student will create an advocacy project on a topic of their choice that culminates with a justice fair.

World Religions (S1) or (S2)

One semester, one credit, open to seniors.

This course invites you to explore, compare and contrast the world’s religions. In a systematic and analytical, yet empathetic way, we will study the variety of beliefs and practices encountered in five major religions of the world. The religions should be studied in such a way that students acquire a sense of what it is like to belong to a particular religion and how that influences the way in which the followers of that religion understand themselves, the world and their relationships with others. The hope is that this course will offer students opportunities to think in new ways, opening possibilities for richer, deeper lives.

*This theology course is APPROVED by the NCAA.