Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments 2022

Calculator Information: Students enrolled in Advanced Algebra, Honors Advanced Algebra, or Intermediate Algebra must have the TI Nspire CX (Not CAS CX). This calculator will last students the rest of high school, college, and beyond. Please keep an eye on the ads, as they should go on sale once or twice over the summer. 

RED Capstone Summer Work



AP Language and Composition
Summer assignment for incoming juniors

AP Literature
Summer assignment

Honors English 9
Summer assignment, please make a copy of the Google Doc and complete the assignment digitally. You will submit the assignment on Schoology on the first day of class.

Honors English 10
Summer assignment

English 9
Summer Reading Assignment (as a Google Doc or as a PDF file)

English 10
Summer Reading Assignment (pdf version)

Grade 11: American Literature / Advanced Composition
Summer Assignment (pdf version)

Grade 12: AP Literature
Summer assignment 


AP Spanish Language
Summer assignment

AP Spanish Literature
Summer assignment - document 1document 2

AP French
Language and Culture assignment

Social Studies