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Psychological Services

Benilde-St. Margaret's utilizes a holistic approach with each student, focused on their well-being academically, emotionally, interpersonally, and spiritually. 

BSM has a consulting psychologist and on-campus therapist who meet with students, teachers, and parents on a regular basis. Parents can, and do, initiate these contacts for the well-being of their children.

Our team is available to provide a range of counseling services, collaborating with administration and teachers to support students and their needs throughout the school year. In particular, they are experienced with mental health challenges including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • ongoing trauma (e.g., alcoholism in the family)
  • attachment, loss and grief
  • eating issues and disorders (as a supplement to more intense treatment if needed)
  • relationship management (family and friends)

Our on-site therapist, Dr. Jeff Steffenson is also available to meet with students or other family members including BSM alumni, by appointment at his office in Edina or remotely when he's not on campus.

Students who meet with our on-site therapist at BSM need to pay through insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Preferred One or Tricare) or out of pocket.

In addition, parents who have questions about or need assistance accessing community resources through their health plan can reach out to our psychologist who can be an effective advocate for the student.

Having this team on campus removes any transportation barriers and scheduling conflicts for families as therapy can be provided before, during or after school, on campus here at BSM. We believe this expanded offering of counseling services will only strengthen the educational experience available for your student. 

BSM Mental Health Team

Ty Cody, Ed.S, School Psychologist 

Jeff Steffenson, PsyD, LP
On-site Therapist 

Laura Esping
Chemical Health Counselor