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Our God Through All of It

“I will instruct you and show you the way you should walk; give you counsel with my eye upon you.” Psalm 32:8

Each day they would walk, side by side, slowly past my house. His left arm would be placed gently around her waist while his right hand would be softly holding her arm, guiding her lovingly along the way. They had been married for many years, a true testament of unconditional love and sacrifice and devotion. She had begun slowly drifting away from the present moment, becoming lost at times in the past and sometimes forgetting everything around her. He never left her side, reminding her of who she was and who they were together . . . never passing up the opportunity to tell her and to show her how much she was loved and cared for and appreciated. So many times they would stop if I was outside, especially if my dog JC was with me. How her face would light up as she looked at that little dog, as if remembering special moments. I will never forget her smile, and I will never forget how he looked at her, also as if remembering special moments. 

Their journey here is over, but I think of them so very often and give thanks for their friendship and for the valuable lessons they taught me: Lessons about the power of unconditional love and sacrifice and devotion . . . lessons about remembering what is truly important in life . . . lessons about never failing to let those in our lives know how much they mean to us. When I think of them, I also realize how much they taught me about my God. So many times in my own life I have been in her place, feeling lost and alone and uncertain; so many times in my own life I have wandered and have needed the gentle guidance of my God Who reassures me that I am loved and cared for and appreciated. I am who I am . . . I am where I am . . . because of my God and many times, in spite of myself.

The song “Through All of It” by Colton Dixon is one of my favorites and truly speaks to the transformational love of our God. I encourage you to listen to the song when you get the chance, but I will share the refrain with you here: “I have won, and I have lost. I got it right sometimes, but sometimes I did not. Life’s been a journey, I’ve seen joy, I’ve seen regret. Oh, and You have been my God through all of it.”

As we move through these days, may we never forget that our God is with us, by our side, guiding and directing, loving and protecting and reminding us always that He walks beside us on this journey. May we always remember that we are because of Him . . . In all the moments of our lives . . . He is our God through all of it.

Love and Prayers,
Mike J

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