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Table Tennis

Table tennis is a co-ed activity for senior high students that allows every participant the chance to learn and play the game of ping pong. No one is cut from the team and everyone plays each other!

The top 12-20 athletes will compete against other teams and clubs around the metro in dual matches, and the top-10 will advance to the state tournament. There is a $35 activity fee charged to tuition for each member. We work to safely set up matches with other teams - currently there are only a few teams competing.


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Casey Hanson

Time Commitment: 

Practices will be held in group sessions, typically for 45 minutes, on Tuesdays  (new) and Wednesdays (returning), from 2:45 - 3:45 p.m. 


State Champions: Mikayla Coulombe and Tara Fan (2012)