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Student Council

The Benilde-St. Margaret’s senior high student council acts as a liaison between the student body and the administration. They work together to plan and execute school-wide events to create a positive school culture.

Mission Statement: The student council will strive to enrich the experience of BSM students and staff through promoting school spirit, increasing student voice, organizing fun student activities, and providing leadership opportunities outside the classroom. 

Length of season: Students are elected by members of their grade level and serve for one school year.

Student Council Subcommittees: 

  1. Spirit Weeks

  2. School Spirit for Sports

  3. Public Relations

  4. Fun School Events

  5. Dances

  6. School Improvement

Meeting times: The Senate meets during every homeroom. The Congress meets with their specific subcommittee every Tuesday during homeroom. They both occasionally meet before or after school. During events, members are expected to be present and active in helping.

Meeting site: Room 104 & Cube

Elections: There are two ways a student may become a member of the student council. 

Student Council Senate Eligibility Requirements: To be an elected senate member, candidates must participate in an interview with the advisors and create a 1-2 minute campaign video. They must be voted in by members of their class. Each class will elect a total of 4 members to the senate. In the event of a tie, both candidates will serve.

Student Council Congress Eligibility Requirements: To be an elected congress member, interested students must have an interview with the advisors. The advisors will pick four members to join one of six different student council subcommittees to help plan activities. 

Student leadership: Student council senate and congress members have the opportunity to act in a variety of leadership positions. They will design and carry out plans for:

  • Homecoming events
  • School pep fests
  • Dress up days
  • December Events & Holiday Ball
  • Charity drives
  • March Madness
  • Prom
  • Dog fest

Read more about class representative role descriptions here.

The Benilde-St. Margaret’s junior high student council is made up of four elected representatives from each grade. To be elected, they must participate in an interview with the advisors and create a 1-2 minute campaign video. They must be voted in my members of their class. They are responsible for helping plan spirit weeks, dress-up days, monthly fun activities, and decorating the school. They meet once a week during homeroom with the senior high student council to help plan on one of the six subcommittees.


Senior High Advisers: 
Katherine Johnson
Mike Johnston

Time Commitment:
The student council meets during homeroom weekly and occasionally meets before or after school. 

During events, student council members are expected to be present and active in running the various activities.

BSM Student Council


Senior Class Representatives

President - Anna Amaris
Vice President - Nic Wahlstrom
Secretary - Anne Marie Khoueir
Public Relations - Elisabeth Malrait

Junior Class Representatives

President - Lyra Carter
VP - Bridget Wickner
Secretary - Henry Peterson
Public Relations - Scarlett Lira

Sophomore Class Representatives

Mazlow Moquist
Nadia Ehlert
Eleanor Porish
Sophia Chevalier

Freshmen Class Representatives

TBD - elections in Fall 2023

Junior High Representatives

TBD - elections in Fall 2023