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Model United Nations

A simulation in which students, representing UN member states, meet to find solutions to common problems. It offers a world of opportunity where concepts and principles from the classroom can come to life. Join us and change your world.

2020-2021 Team included:

7th Graders -- James Broin, Kaitlyn Cape
8th Graders -- Audrey Howell, Brynja Lockman, Kat Mulgrew, David Peterson
9th Grader -- Emma Grniet
10th Graders -- Kevin Kane, Annie Libbey, Francesca Lichtenberger, Milla Mirkovic
11th Graders -- Luke Evans, Flint Frohman, Max Jackson, Aidan Traverse, Elijah Vroman
12th Grader -- Johan Dominguez Lopez

More information can be found at YMCA -- Programs & Classes


Advisers:  Matthew McMerty-Brummer
Josh Belanger

Time Commitment:



* = non-MSHSL Sponsored