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Knightlife is a group of over 50 students who have made a decision to live and promote healthy, chemical-free lifestyles.  

Knightlife organizes club and school events to educate their peers on the reality of substance usage with the goal of eliminating substance use and abuse. In addition to this, the club participates in weekend activities to help students get to know each other in a chemically-free environment. The club's favorite activity from the 2022-2023 school year was a trip to Sky Zone.

Information about Knightlife events will be sent out to all members, and interested students not formally in the club.  All students are welcome and encouraged to join meetings and activities at any time during the year.

Meetings are held twice a month on Thursdays in the theater for members, and once a week for club leaders. These meetings are held during homeroom, and club activities outside of school are commonly held on weekends.

The cost for Knightlife will vary depending on the activity. If you have questions or if paying a fee presents a financial hardship for your family, please contact Laura Esping at


Laura Esping
Chemical Health Counselor
Amanda Anderson

Time Commitment
Knightlife meetings and events happen throughout the year.

Our meetings will be scheduled during homeroom twice a month in the theatre.

Knightlife events will usually take place on weekends.