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Caring for the Courageous

Caring for the Courageous (CFC) is a BSM club that fundraises and creates gift bags consisting of blankets, stuffed animals, art supplies, and fidgets for kids in children's hospitals around the Twin Cities. Our mission is to provide comfort and a smile to children with health challenges.

CFC has three primary subcommittees:

  • Blanket/Bag Making

  • Fundraising

  • Bag Contents

Students can be part of multiple or only one subcommittee, giving students many opportunities to participate in CFC based on their availability. Each subcommittee has a junior or senior leader and a freshman or sophomore assistant leader.

Based on the subcommittee, meetings and activities involve making tie blankets and assembling bags, fundraising, or brainstorming future gift bag ideas.  Meetings and activities happen before school, after school, and on weekends. All BSM students are welcome to join anytime during the school year and summer. 

Student Expectations and Time Commitment: 

  • A demonstrated interest and commitment to attending meetings and participating in activities at their availability
  • Serve on a subcommittee
  • Attend at least one subcommittee meeting or event per semester
  • Attend at least one whole club meeting per semester

Parent/Guardian Expectations: 

  • A willingness to provide transportation to your child when necessary 
  • A willingness to support and help your child attend and seek out CFC participation opportunities 



Caring for the Courageous was started as a BSM club in April 2023. Since then, CFC has expanded to over 200+ members, and thousands of dollars have been raised to create gift bags for kids in pediatric hospitals. The club is constantly growing and impacting as many children as possible!

Caring for the Courageous Activities


Mark Peterson

Student Leadership:

Annika Olson '25, president

Katie Berthoud '25, vice-president

Contact us if you would like to be part of our next resource assembly gathering or a future fundraising event so we can help more children in pediatric hospitals in the Twin Cities.

Thank you for your involvement!