Coaches: Maura Brew, Head Coach

Speech is a competitive activity that fosters learning the art of public speaking, but this activity encompasses so much more than just speaking. It also involves analysis, performance, research, writing, leadership, creativity, listening, etc. Although competitive, this activity is fundamentally about personal growth and achievement. Here at BSM, it’s also about the team. Congratulations, you’re now a ‘speecher’!


  • Keep a positive attitude!
  • Attend all team meetings on Wednesdays, 2:50 - 3:30 p.m. in the Band Room.
  • Meet with your coach each week for an hour.
  • Compete at five out of seven Saturday tournaments PLUS the two mandatory in-house tournaments
  • Compete at the NFL tournament (if chosen)
  • Compete at conference competition (if chosen)
  • Compete at sections (if chosen)
  • Perform at Speech Showcase
  • Dress appropriately at all tournaments.
  • Be on time and do not leave early from tournaments.
  • Travel to and from the tournaments on the BSM bus.
  • Attend a final found at each tournament.

 If you sign up to work with a coach and you can’t make your time slot, it’s your job to find a replacement or find the person who is signed up after you and ask him/her to move up. After the first few weeks of working with your primary coach, you may practice with other coaches if they have time slots available. All coaches’ schedules will be posted on the Speech board; it is your responsibility to ensure that you have one hour of practice weekly. Should you fail to meet this requirement, you will receive one warning; if this happens a second time, you will be cut from the team.

Activity Fees

This year, we are asking that you contribute a fee for this activity; the money will cover a team t-shirt, lunch at our in-house day, and materials which will be used on that day in our team-building program. The cost is $25 and will be added to your tuition; you do not need to bring in that money.


During the week commencing November 7th, you should contact your primary coach, either in person or via email; introduce yourself, give a little info about you are, your experience (or not) with Speech, your hopes for the season, etc. We start to get to work the week beginning Nov. 16th with mandatory category meetings which are designed to help get you off and running with either choosing a piece, or figuring out a topic for your written speech. Then, the week after Thanksgiving, beginning November 30th, you will begin meeting with your primary coach for one hour per week. Sign-up sheets will be posted the week prior to this date; be sure to sign up as soon as possible.


All members of the team will be registered for every tournament. Our first ‘meet’ will be in-house and will comprise two rounds followed by lunch and a team-building program of activity. The entire ‘meet’ will run 8:30 - 2:30; attendance at the entire session is mandatory for all members. There will also be a mandatory mid-season tournament to polish pieces as we head into the final tournaments, NFL Qualifiers, and section competitions. As an active member of the speech team, you are required to attend at least 5 out of the 7 competitive Saturday tournaments. If you need to miss a tournament this is what you do:

You have until two Wednesdays before the tournament at 4PM to tell Mrs. Brew that you are dropping for the next weekend. (Last check on registered participants for the tournament will be made at the Wednesday team meeting two weeks before the meet.) There is no fee for dropping at this point.

If you drop within nine days before a tournament you need to tell Mrs. Brew before 2:30 on the Friday (day before). There is a $15 fee at this point.

If an emergency crops up after 2:30 on Friday, you need to call Mrs. Brew at 612-718-9630. At this point, there is a $25 fee.

If you don’t call Mrs. Brew and/or you are a no show, there is a $35 drop fee.