Social Studies

Each year, junior high students have the opportunity to participate in field experiences as an extension of the Social Studies curricula. Experiences are optional and require an extra fee to cover the costs of travel. In past years, these opportunities have included trips to Boston to study the American Revolution, Washington, DC, to study our nation's history and government, a tour of Civil War battlefields, and a Civil Rights tour of southern states.

US History 7
History 7

Year-long course required of 7th graders

Seventh grade United States history concentrates on the period of time between human migration to the North American continent and exploration of the Western Hemisphere. Included are the following units: the first Americans, West African History and Culture, European Exploration and Colonization, the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Constitution, the Age of Jefferson, and the War of 1812. A field experience to Boston to study the American Revolution may also be offered (for an additional fee).

US History 8
History 8

Year-long course required of 8th graders

Eighth grade history focuses on a number of topics that connect to both American and world history such as citizenship, conflicts, geography, leadership, and policies. Students will exercise critical thinking skills by making connections between past events and current events.

American Experience
American Experience

Year-long course *available to 8th graders (Extra fee required.)

The American Experience is a uniquely formatted interdisciplinary class facilitated by two teachers over an 80- minute block. In The American Experience, students are presented with and consider multiple perspectives of American history while reading, interpreting, and evaluating interrelated literature to enhance their understanding and comprehension of key terms, concepts, and themes. In addition, the class offers learning opportunities beyond the classroom during which students connect their experiences to their studies.

*Students are given the opportunity to apply for this course. If the number of applicants exceeds the maximum class size, applicants will be drawn from a pool. Remaining applicants will be placed on a wait list and be
enrolled in US History 8 and Literature 8.