Religious Studies

All students are required to take religious studies. Seventh graders must choose one of the offerings.

Religious Studies 7
Religious Studies 7

Year-long course, meets every other day, open to 7th graders

This course introduces all major aspects of Christ’s life including the prophets' foretelling of Jesus’s birth, the infancy narratives, the beginning of His ministry, His parables and lessons, as well as Christ’s death and resurrection. There is also a focus on the development and writing of the Bible as well as the study of some of the major characters in both the Old Testament and the New Testaments. The course also includes a focus on the lessons that can be learned from Jesus’s life and the lives of these Old and New Testament people and how these still apply to our lives and current issues today.

Religious Studies 7 Seminar

Year-long course, meets every other day, *open to 7th graders

Religion 7 Seminar focuses on the same fundamentals as the Religious Studies 7 course; however, it is delivered in a seminar-style format and will include additional off-campus field trips. This course sets a precedent in how students interact and understand faith in relationship to who they are as individuals, how they treat others, how they understand a larger community, and how they serve the world. The Religion 7 Seminar will incorporate a new model of theology curriculum where students engage in dialogue and discussion, based on theological texts, for a large portion of class. Additionally, there will be alternate learning experiences where students are exposed to professional speakers, become aware of local institutions and non-profits, and gain greater understanding and empathy for the larger community.

*If the number of course requests exceeds the maximum class size, students will be drawn from a pool.  Remaining students will be enrolled in Religious Studies 7 and be placed on a waitlist for 7 Seminar.

Religious Studies 8
Religious Studies 8

Year-long course, meets every other day, required of 8th graders

Religious Studies 8 is a Catholic theology course that connects social justice with current events through the study of Catholic Social Teaching. While exploring the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, students apply Christian values to current world issues and examine ways they are called to action. Through the study of our Christian calling to be active in the world, students explore various world issues, and they discuss the impact of these issues on our global community and what can be done to eliminate and prevent various problems. In collaboration with other disciplines, students are able to connect faith in action with broader world issues.