Annual Fund

What do you remember about junior high or high school? Was it the challenging classes? Or, the fun you had in a sport or activity? Maybe it was the friends you made or the teachers who believed in you. Whatever the reason, our school experiences have been key in developing us into the people we are today. 

At Benilde-St. Margaret’s, we provide an education that stays with our students long after they graduate and carries throughout their lives. With the community’s support, students at BSM experience amazing things every day.   

Currently, the BSM Annual Fund is at 67% to goal. Your support matters in fully funding our student experience. Please consider a gift, of any amount, to help us bridge the $1,590 per student gap between tuition paid and the  actual cost of delivering an outstanding BSM education. 
 We appreciate your thoughtful consideration and generous support of the BSM Annual Fund. Thank you.

For questions about the BSM Annual Fund, or to make a gift, please contact Mary Lenker, Annual Fund Director, at 952-767-0648 or

Great student experiences are created because of BSM’s generous community. 

We celebrate the contributions of all sizes with recognition at the following levels:  

Honorary Level | Gifts of $50,000+
President’s Level | Gifts of $25,000+
Founder’s Level | Gifts of $10,000+
Veritas Level | Gifts of $5,000+
Patron’s Level | Gifts of $2,500+
Benefactor Level | Gifts of $1,000+
Red Knight Level | Gifts of $500+
Builder’s Level | Gifts of $250+
Century Level | Gifts of $100+
Contributor | Gifts up to $99