Mission & Values


Benilde-St. Margaret's is a dynamic Catholic learning community that partners with parents/guardians to develop the student's highest potential in body, spirit and mind. We offer a challenging college preparatory curriculum and a uniquely caring experience that includes faith formation, academic rigor, social responsibility, and extensive extracurricular activities. We educate servant leaders for a global society.


Benilde-St. Margaret's will be the school of choice, recognized for developing engaged, intelligent servant leaders.

Value Statements

We believe that all students are capable of learning and of great achievements given opportunities through quality instruction. Priority is given to valuing each student as a child of God and ensuring all students achieve their potential.

We believe that the whole person is integral to learning. We attend to the intellectual, physical, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual well-being of each student.

We believe that students learn best by actively participating in meaningful, challenging activities in a safe environment that is conducive to success and fosters creativity.

We believe that the world is the classroom. Technology is a tool which expands horizons and empowers students in their learning

We believe that spirituality permeates life and gives meaning to learning. Learning and faith formation are life-long processes in which all people need to take responsibility for their own growth in order to build the kingdom of God on earth.

We believe that teachers, staff, coaches, and parents share in the responsibility to provide quality instruction, model conscientious behavior, and assist students in learning to make good decisions based on Christian values.

We believe that diversity and multicultural education are essential components of our students' lives as we prepare them to live and work an ever-evolving, complex society.