Laptop Program FAQs

Contact Director of Learning and Technology with any further questions: 
Stephen Pohlen, EdD
How much will this cost me as a parent?

There is a $400 technology fee for an Apple MacBook. 

Does BSM own the laptops?

Yes, BSM will own the laptops to ensure that (1) every computer can handle the specific software that the teachers need, (2) they are used as an educational tool, (3) teachers are familiar with the hardware and software and able to assist students with their work, (4) the technology staff is more efficient in troubleshooting and fixing laptops, (5) every laptop receives appropriate upgrades between school years, (6) every student has equitable access, and (7) BSM is securing the best negotiated rate to reduce expense to families.

Can students bring their own laptops from home?

No, we want students to use BSM-owned laptops for reasons listed in the previous question.

Do students do things they shouldn’t on the laptops?

Teachers will continue to provide supervision and instruction during class and address issues as they arise. Teachers and administrators also monitor student work remotely. In addition, a teacher advisory committee, working alongside technology staff, determines any Web filtering needs (what sites to block and unblock). Students are not allowed to download applications. Students are expected to know and follow technology use rules and guidelines and associated consequences.

What if the laptop gets broken, lost or stolen?

The laptops have a full warranty that covers hardware and software failures. If the computer is physically damaged or lost, families are responsible for a portion of the repair or replacement on a progressive fine schedule. The exact amounts depend on the extent of the damage and how many times the student has lost or damaged the computer.