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Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to the junior high program (grades 7-8) at Benilde-St. Maraget's. Our faculty and staff are committed to providing each student with a strong academic program in a caring and structured environment. To meet the diverse needs of each junior high student, we have a comprehensive curriculum and wide variety of extracurricular activities.

Our junior high program focuses on the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical development of each young person. This approach is founded upon a solid Catholic experience with academic religion classes, liturgies, and prayer services. Students participate in homeroom for academic advisory, activities, and special interest meetings. Discussions on decision-making, self-esteem, diversity, peer pressure, and healthy social relationships ensure each student has the skills to thrive in today's world.

Our curriculum includes three levels of English, literature, and mathematics:

  • Accelerated (for students working and testing significantly above grade level).
  • Standard (grade level), and
  • Concepts (for students working and/or testing below grade level or having difficulty learning in that area).

The BSM junior high curriculum emphasizes the development of language arts skills with separate English and literature classes, and every student has the opportunity to study a world language of their choosing.

Our math curriculum includes pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry, preparing students for advanced math classes in high school.

Technology is an important tool for learning at BSM, where each student is provided a personal laptop for daily academic use. Technology is also integrated into all areas of the curriculum for applied learning.

In the Benilde-St. Margaret's junior high, the 7th and 8th grade classes are on a quarter system. While some courses are offered for one semester, other courses such as mathematics, science, and world language are year-long studies. Quarter grade reports and teacher updates are posted online for students and parents. Parent-teacher conferences provide families with direct contact with faculty twice annually while our small class size makes it possible for parents to remain in contact with teachers between conferences.

The BSM junior high program is designed to prepare the student for high school and beyond as life-long learners. From the first day of class, each student is given the opportunity and encouraged to thrive.

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