Editorial Leadership: Knight Errant (YR)
Two semesters, two credits, open to juniors and seniors.
Prerequisite: two semesters of Journalism classes, and teacher approval.

Seniors enrolled in Editorial Leadership must enroll in one additional English course each semester. Juniors enrolled in Editorial Leadership must enroll in required English courses.

Students who take this hands-on course will oversee production of the print and online editions of the Knight Errant. They will be responsible for all aspects of the publication. As the editorial board of the Knight Errant, students in this class will coordinate the work of the students in the Journalistic Writing, Video Journalism, Photojournalism, and Graphic Design classes, in addition to creating their own content for publication. Each student in the class will be assigned a specific leadership role. This course does not meet the core course requirements of the NCAA.

Journalistic Writing (S1) and/or (S2)
One semesters, one credit, open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This course may be repeated. Joining this course after the initial registration requires teacher approval
Sophomores and Juniors enrolled in Journalistic Writing must enroll in required English courses.

Students who take this hands-on course will produce content for the print and online editions of the Knight Errant. They will work in conjunction with students in the Editorial Leadership class who will guide them through the writing process, from the conception of ideas to the final published product. Students in this class will explore the different styles of writing encompassed in the Knight Errant, including interview-based stories for the news, sports, and feature sections as well as opinion and review writing. With an emphasis on writing clear, concise, and engaging prose, this class will help students develop and hone their writing skills and provide them with an authentic audience for their writing.

Photojournalism (S1) and/or (S2)

One semester, one credit, open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Prerequisite: Photography and teacher approval.

In this course, students will become a “reporter with a camera,” and work closely with the Knight Errant to cover a variety of photojournalistic subjects; general news, sports, features, speakers, environmental portraits, editorial illustrations, caption writing and photo essays. Students will learn to produce the high-quality photographs used to attract attention to a news story, and to develop a photojournalist’s eye. Students will utilize and build upon basic photography skills: composition, lighting, camera technique, color correction, etc. Additionally, students will communicate and collaborate with designers, writers, and editors to conceptualize and produce visual content for the KEQ magazine.

Graphic Design (S1) and/or (S2)

One semester, one credit, open to all grade levels.

This introductory course instructs students in design skills using core graphic programs including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The focus will be on developing student understanding of the fundamental principles of design while finding creative visual solutions to projects. This is a technology heavy course as projects are primarily completed using student laptops.