Health, Physical Education, Wellness

The physical education, wellness, and health program at BSM promotes a Christian perspective of life-long wellness habits and practices. Students receive an intellectual understanding of principles and theories that allow practical application of the techniques and mechanics of games, sports, fitness, and recreation. Students will be exposed to the necessity of regular exercise and a nutritional diet, as well as the importance of stress management, and other topics related to a healthy lifestyle. Students in grade 9 are required to take one semester of Health, in addition to traditional PE. Students in grades 10-12 are required to participate in a wellness activity one day a week.

Health (S1) (S2)

One semester, one credit, required of all freshmen.

The health curriculum will provide students with knowledge of various health topics in order to help them make responsible decisions. The students will self-evaluate and develop goals for improvement. Topics covered include mental health, stress management, nutrition, fitness, substance abuse, social health and CPR/AED.

Physical Education 9 (YR)

Two semesters, .5-credits per semester, required of all freshmen.

This is an activity-based course that involves instruction and participation in individual as well as team sports. The different team sports include but are not limited to speedball, flag football, volleyball, cricket, and floor hockey. In addition, individual activities include weight training and conditioning, physical fitness testing, orienteering, heart rate monitor training, and archery.

Wellness (YR)

Two semesters, .25 credits, required of all sophomores, seniors, and second-semester juniors.

This graduation requirement serves to provide students with the opportunity to engage in activities combining the mind, body, and spirit. Students are asked to select a choice for their wellness activity, described below. Every effort will be made to accommodate student’s choice. Students in grade 10 and 12 are enrolled in Wellness both semesters.

There is no Wellness requirement during the first semester for juniors, which allows time in the daily schedule for the required ACT Prep course. Wellness is .25 credits per semester. Students may participate on a drop-in basis during the BSM hour. Drop-in participation does not count toward credit.

2020-2021 Wellness Options

Calming (CA): These activities include but, are not limited to walking, meditation, social interaction games, yoga practices, breathing techniques, and sensory activities.

Lifelong Activities (LA): These social activities include but, are not limited to walking, Kin Square, yard games such as Kubb, Bocce ball, bean bag toss, KanJam, and Croquet.

Lifelong Sports (LS): This less competitive choice offers activities which include but, are not limited to pickleball, badminton, table tennis, kick ball, Kin Ball, Wiffle Ball, volleyball, and Eclipse Ball.

Team Sports (TS): Teams are formed and participants will compete in one or more of the following sports: basketball, touch football, team handball, floor hockey, volleyball, and soccer.