General Electives

Acting (S1)
One semester, one credit, open to all grade levels.

This course is designed to explore all aspects of dramatic performance. Students will study a variety of monologues, scenes, and short plays while working on skills of movement, breathing, articulation, and interpretation. Students who enroll in this class should be interested in performing; all levels of interest and ability in the acting process will be encouraged and developed.

Coding and Agile Development (S1) (S2)
One semester, one credit, open to all grade levels.
Preference given to freshmen.

In this class, students are introduced to AGILE project development, while using various coding languages. Students will use a set of principles for software development in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. Students will work together to build software and hardware to interact with, and impact, the world around them.

Coding & Video Game Design (summer option with additional fee)
One credit course, offered as summer option, open to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors.
An additional fee of $1,105 will be charged to student tuition.
Prerequisites: Coding and Agile Development or teacher recommendation.

Coding & Video Game Design is an introductory course to video game programming and 2D and 3D design.  This class provides students with the opportunity to design, program, and create fully functional video games. Students will become skilled in programming languages, design principles, and creative problem solving essential to developing software for consoles and PC’s.  Students must still carry the minimum credit requirement for their grade level during the school year.

Class Session

  • June 17-20, 12 - 4 p.m.
  • June 24 - 27, 12 - 4 p.m.
  • July 8 - 11, 12 - 4 p.m.
  • July 15, 12 - 4 p.m.
Teacher Assistant (S1) (S2)
One semester, open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
.5 credit: 1-4 days/week plus 7 graded courses OR 1 credit: 5 days/week plus 7 graded courses

Students have the opportunity to use their expertise in a subject area by serving as an assistant to a teacher. Students should contact the instructor they are interested in assisting. Students are placed in TA positions two weeks after the start of the semester.  Students will receive a P (pass)/NP (no pass) notation on their transcript.

Technology Integration Assistant (S1) (S2)
.5 credit:  1-4 days/week plus 7 graded courses, open to all grade levels
Students must submit an application form. Admission based on the application and availability of staff position.

Develop your technology skills working in the BSM technology helpdesk and assisting students and teachers with software and hardware needs. The knowledge and skills gained through this class include being able to troubleshoot issues with Mac/iOS operating systems, projectors, interactive displays, wireless networks, printing, scanning, 3D printing and laser cutting. Students will also become more proficient with multiple software platforms including Office, Google apps, iOS & Adobe Creative Suite. Students will work with teachers and students on projects that support teaching and learning at BSM.  Students may opt to pursue CompTIA A+ certification (testing fee of approximately $195). Students will receive a P (pass) /NP (no pass) notation on their academic transcript.

Yearbook I - Sangraal (YR)
Two semesters, two credits, open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.
Prerequisite: Students must submit an application form.  Admission will be based on the application, and availability of staff positions.

This course will allow students to learn about graphic design principles, photography, journalism, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop through a hands-on manner while producing the senior high yearbook. Staff members will be actively engaged in the production process throughout the school year. Staff responsibilities will range from conducting interviews, taking photographs, writing copy planning and designing page layouts.

Yearbook II - Sangraal (YR)
Two semesters, two credits, open to juniors and seniors.
Prerequisite: Yearbook I and instructor approval.

Yearbook II is open to students who have been assigned editorial positions on the upcoming Sangraal staff. The production process will be further explored through performing editorial duties, such as supervising staff members, editing proofs, and communicating with the production plant.   

Yearbook III - Sangraal (YR)
Two semesters, two credits, open to seniors.
Prerequisite: Yearbook II and instructor approval.

Yearbook III is open to students who have been assigned editorial positions on the Sangraal staff.