A Catholic, college-preparatory school, grades 7-12

Red Knight Volunteer Corps - Senior High

This program centers on student volunteers working in the community. Students will gain experience from a variety of volunteer opportunities such as working in hospitals and nursing homes to helping children with special needs. The purpose of this program is to give students the opportunity to stretch their knowledge of the world, meet new people, and see that faith involves service, commitment, and intellectual understanding.

Each applicant for this experience should understand that the following attitudes and expectations are essential to being a Red Knight Volunteer.


Student Expectations

  •  a demonstrated interest in service work
  • a willingness to develop leadership skills
  • an understanding that although service opportunities will be provided through the Service Coordinator, participants are also responsible to seek out their own service opportunities within their own communities
  • a willingness to accept, be sensitive to, and learn about people and cultures different fromt heir own
  • a commitment to attend all group meetings and participate in projects
  • a commitment to meeting the basic hours of service requirement
  • a willingness to take responsibility for filling out proper paperwork to keep track of hours of service for documentation on transcripts

*Participation in a minimum of four service activities is required per semester, two of which must be from postings on the RKVC board outside room 141 (the hub for all things RKVC).  Students are required to attend at least 6 of the 8 first semester meetings and at least 5 of the 6 second semester meetings.  If a student has an excused absence from school, s/he must simply notify Ms.Lenhart-Murphy.  Follow-through with commitments to service is essential.  As such, a student who fails to show up at a service event for which s/he had signed up without contacting the site in advance of their absence, will be dismissed from the RKVC.

RKVC members will receive invitations from signupgenius.com as events become available.  Students will use signupgenius to sign up for events, and retrieve all pertienent information and will follow a link on it to access the required permission slip available from the RKVC web site.  Permission slips are due about one week before the event to the RKVC cart.

**Servant-leadership option:  As a substitute for a non-RKVC service event, students may elect to host a non-RKVC student from BSM at an RKVC-posted service event.  Students should speak with Ms. Lenhart-Murphy directly before signing up as such.

Parent/Guardian Expectations

  • a willingness to provide transportation and supervision for your child when necessary
  • a willingness to support/help your child seek out their own volunteer opportunities, other than those provided by the school
  • a willingness to help with the documentation of service hours for the co-curricular transcript


Adviser: Becca Meagher
952-927-4176, ext. 2289


If you would like to request RKVC volunteers, please send a completed volunteer request form to llenhart@bsmschool.org.

Permission Slip

Thursday homeroom meeting schedules:

(All meetings are in the chapel unless otherwise indicated.)

Attendance is required at 6 meetings each semester, or you will receive notice of your dismissal by the semester’s end.

Video: RKVC primer

Video: RKVC at PRISM's food bank

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