Students explore mechanical and electrical systems through fabrication and assemblies, design processes utilizing 3D modeling tools and control systems incorporating sensor interfacing, data collection, motion control, and programming. Rather than a traditional information-push class dynamic, Engineering provides a learning environment whereby students pull learning elements from various resources while developing advanced problem skills. By engaging students in the iterative process of problem formulation, abstraction, analysis, design, prototyping, testing and evaluating; Engineering expands student development beyond information concentricity and toward innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Engineering I (YR)

Two semesters, two credits

Order of enrollment preference:  sophomores, freshmen, juniors, and seniors.

Engineers today are creating the life-saving, world-altering marvels that will make for a safer, more connected, more equal, and even more awe-inspiring tomorrow. Engineering I is the introductory course in the BSM Engineering Program. In this first-year course students develop an engineer’s perspective of effective problem solving and engineering design while exploring fundamental mechanical engineering concepts. Through iterative processes, students learn about experimentation, optimization, and performance.

Engineering II (S1) and/or (S2)

Prerequisite: Engineering

Two semesters, two credits, open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors with instructor approval.

Note: This course can be paired with Product Design to fulfill the prerequisite for Engineering III. A full description of the Product Design course is found on page 20 of the Program of Studies

Engineering II is the second-year course in the BSM Engineering Program. In Engineering II students continue to expand their engineer’s perspective of effective problem solving and engineering design, all while gaining new skills with the introduction of digital fabrication, rapid prototyping, electrical systems, networking, industry standard 3D CAD software, computer programming, and preliminary development of an advanced project that will carry over to Engineering III. The skills students learn will help with the design and development of search and rescue robots. Engineering II students are eligible to apply to take part in the RoboCup trip.

Engineering III (YR)

Two semesters, two credits, open to juniors and seniors with instructor approval.

Requires two semesters of Engineering II or one semester each of Engineering II and Art: Product Design

Students use agile project management to work in cross-functional teams on a real-world engineering project. We will develop a search and rescue robot for international competition in the RoboCup RoboRescue league.

Summer Option: Engineering I (Additional Fee)

Two credits, open to rising sophomores, rising juniors, and rising seniors

An additional fee of $2,100 will be charged to student tuition: July 22 - August 16, 6 hours per day

Note: The summer Engineering II option cannot be paired with Product Design.

Students enrolled in this course must carry the minimum number of credits during the regular school year.