Culture & Charisms

At Benilde-St. Margaret's we celebrate our three founding religious charisms throughout our school. They guide us in much of what we do as a community. And, as a community, we are uniquely positioned to support all Red Knights, their families, and our faculty and staff.

Read more below on our founding charisms and some longstanding community traditions at BSM.


In Christianity, a charism is a spiritual gift freely and graciously given to fulfill the mission of the Church. At Benilde-St. Margaret's, we are blessed by the charisms of our three founding religious orders. Each has bestowed on our community unique gifts that we encounter daily. 

Read more about our founding orders and their charisms here.

Culture FAQs

At Benilde-St. Margaret's, we offer a supportive community environment that extends to all students, their families, faculty, and staff. To learn more specifics about our school community, feel free to read here.

BSM Alma Mater

BSM you teach us
compassion, truth, and knowledge,
make us servant leaders
to tend the poor and fallen.

The Spirit fills your hallways
with glory of the knight.
May you always keep us
walking in the light,

And may we all walk proudly
forever red and white!

BSM Rouser

Go! Benilde-St. Margaret’s High
We cheer with pride today.
Our voices strong with courage
Hear the cry
And join in song to say....

Fight! Fight! Fight!

For honor with pride
Red and White all hail to your side
Red Knights will ever be
Charging on to a victory!