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School buses at the end of day

Since students arrive at school each day in many different ways, this information is for everyone and explains the many programs BSM has to assist in the transportation process—be it for car or bus riders.


  • Bus registrations are not carried forward from year to year—a new form needs to be completed annually.
  • Students planning to ride the bus to school should complete the form linked in the right column.
  • Due to liability and safety requirements, only students registered for a BSM route bus are allowed to ride a route bus.

  • The following items are never allowed on route buses: animals, skis, snowboards, knives/sharp objects, golf clubs/bags, matches/lighters, snowboards, gasoline cans, skateboards, glass items, scooters, guns (including play), and weapons, or oversized musical instruments.

  • Please complete the registration form by June 20, 2023 (preferred date) 

If you plan to use any of the available bus services next fall, please return the registration form by June 30, 2023 (preferred date) but forms are accepted as received. Several of the buses may fill up, so it would be wise to not postpone sending in your registration.

Drop-off / Pick-up

To expedite the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up of students, please review this map

If you arrive early for pick-up, please turn off your car to reduce emissions as BSM supports St. Louis Park's idling reduction campaign. Thank you for your cooperation!

As a reminder, we do not want anyone picking up or dropping off in the North Parking Lot or on Barry Street.

BSM Provided School Bus Routes

▪ Minneapolis North Area
▪ Minneapolis South Area
▪ Long Lake/Wayzata/Minnetonka
▪ Eden Prairie/Edina
▪ Hamel/Plymouth/Golden Valley
▪ St. Louis Park

BSM annually audits our routes and adjusts based on interest and need. Future routes may include Chanhassen/Excelsior/Hopkins and Minneapolis East Area. If you live in one of the future route paths or existing route areas and think that you might be interested in a route for the 2024-25 school year, please let our admissions team know!

St. Louis Park Public School District

Students will ride from their neighborhood each morning to the Park Spanish Immersion School where they will transfer to a shuttle bus heading for BSM. At regular dismissal time, the students will ride the shuttle bus to the St. Louis Park High School where they will transfer to their neighborhood buses for the ride home.
This dismissal shuttle bus departs from BSM at 3:00 p.m.

There will be a morning and dismissal bus each day of the public school calendar. There is no late activity bus provided. There is no charge for this service, but you are required to register your student to receive the shuttle bus information. Schedules will arrive from the St. Louis Park District Transportation Office about 10 days before school begins. To contact St. Louis Park District Transportation Office, call 952-928-6051.

Reminder: there will be no time adjustments made for late starts. All morning route buses will run at the same time each school day. Time adjustments may be made for early release days if needed. 

Additional Ride Options

  • Metro Transit: browse their public transportation and carpooling options or contact them directly at 612-373-3333.


Benilde-St. Margaret's School, Beth El Synagogue, the City of St. Louis Park, and the neighbors surrounding both BSM and Beth El Synagogue have an agreement to reduce and ultimately eliminate on-street parking by students. Please reference this parking overview.

All students who drive to school are required to register vehicles driven AND purchase a parking permit.

Car Pools

BSM family information may be provided to BSM families interested in creating carpooling options (in late July/early August). Contact Judy Koski at for more information.

Transportation Reimbursement

A complicated Minnesota State Law guarantees equal school bus transportation to all students - public and private - or financial aid as a substitute. The average amount of this state aid for BSM families is approximately $200 per student or family depending upon the public school district of residence.

Since BSM students do not attend a public school district school – and therefore do NOT use the public school district transportation – families may need to complete an application for these funds. Each public school district has different requirements and the application process is unique depending on each district's policies.

The application process has been updated relating to the Form 1000, required by most school districts. It is part of the BSM online roundup information process. If your school district requires a special form – the necessary paperwork or instruction on what steps you will need to follow for application in your
school district can be provided to you.

St. Louis Park residents do not receive the aid as buses are provided by the public school district. Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts do not participate in the process.

Contact Judy Koski, director of transportation, at 952-767-0645 or


Judy Koski, Coordinator

Bus Forms


Jerry Pettinger, Coordinator

Transportation Reimbursement

Kathleen Huyck

Shané Sisco

Transportation Reimbursement Resources