A Center for Collaborative Learning

Introducing the Cube (C3)

Curiosity, Creativity, Collaboration

C3 or the "Cube,” a new experiential learning facility in the heart of BSM, will foster curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

Most students learn by doing, and the Cube is designed to provide a collaborative learning environment that brings out the best in every student. By allowing students to engage their passions and take ownership of their studies, this space will prepare BSM students for the challenges and opportunities of a fast-changing world. For more information, click here.

Construction on the Cube started in June 2020, and the new space will open in December 2020.



Designer renderings, 2019


The Imagine.Innovate.Inspire. campaign, launched in 2016, will raise $10 million and close in December of 2020 (pending fundraising).   

At Benilde-St. Margaret’s School, teachers and students imagine a learning community that empowers everyone to pursue their passion and reach their full potential. Innovative teaching and learning environments foster student collaboration on real-world problems that Catholic faith compels us to solve. Students are inspired to become global-minded servant-leaders who love learning and living a faith-filled life of purpose. BSM realizes this vision by providing students a personalized educational experience that supports them in living a successful and meaningful life, Knight by Knight.


What would it take to create a better world? What do students need to be prepared for, not just for college, but for life? Imagine a school community where students and teachers have access to the tools, technology, and spaces that support a rigorous, engaging, and collaborative learning experience. Imagine what we can accomplish together.


The world’s most pressing problems will be solved by leaders who have the courage to ask tough questions, to think beyond traditional solutions, to innovate. Those leaders are right here at BSM. As students navigate the world of information and innovation, BSM supports their journey and equips them with the skills they need to be successful, both now and in the future.


Inspired by faith, inspired by hope, inspired by the desire to live meaningful lives, our students are called to be servant leaders. Grounded in Catholic faith and Lasallian charism, BSM students respond to ever-demanding challenges that arise. The world needs this kind of leadership.


Campaign update:

The Imagine.Innovate.Inspire. campaign launched in 2016 to raise $10 million, and will close in December 2020 (pending fundraising). So far, campaign funds have built the new atrium areas, enhanced curriculum offerings, and expanded tuition assistance resources. Students and faculty are making full use of the new state-of-the-art science and research classrooms, presentation area, and common spaces that opened in December of 2018.

Phase II construction on the center for innovation, discovery, and collaborative learning is now underway. The "Cube” will be ready in December of 2020. As of September 15, 2020, there is $287,224 left to raise by the end of 2020 to “pledge out” and complete the Imagine.Innovate.Inspire. campaign. 

We welcome your investment and hope you will be inspired to support this important project. Our goal is to come together and pay the bills before we open the doors.


For additional information about the Cube project and campaign, please contact:
Lisa Hendrickson Shaughnessy '85, 
Chief Advancement Officer
Direct: 952.915.4351 | Mobile: 612-418-0091 


Mike Jeremiah
Honorary Chair
"Over my years at BSM, the times may have changed, but the true needs of kids have remained the same. BSM continues to meet those needs, loving our kids and calling them to growth in body, mind, and spirit."
Mary Fran O'Keefe
Honorary Chair
"In my four decades as part of the BSM family, I have witnessed a continued commitment to 'top the charts.' That drive to make the BEST even BETTER has been achieved without ever losing the essence of who we are."
Dr. Steve Pohlen
Director of Learning and Technology
"The Cube will be a great space for students and our business and non-profit partners to collaborate and create. It will help us expand and energize our RED and EPIC programming for students."
Anne Dougherty
Engineering Teacher and RED Program Director
"Curiosity, creativity, collaboration are at the heart of all meaningful learning and critical problem solving. Students who are encouraged to ask hard questions and work collaboratively become leaders who make a difference."