The business department offers several elective courses to enhance students’ credentials for college, as well as help them develop necessary skills that will benefit them in work and school environments. With a focus on real world engagement, the business department curriculum offers challenging and engaging projects, topics for discussion and activities. For students who are especially interested in business, BSM offers an active Business Professionals of America club.

Accounting I (S1)
One semester, one credit, open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Alumni consistently report this to be the most valuable college preparatory class offered in the business department. This course provides a simple approach to learning fundamental accounting principles. Accounting concepts covered include business transactions, financial statements, accounting systems and procedures. The course provides an accounting framework that will be valuable to any student who plans on taking college level business courses or plans to work in any type of business environment.

Accounting II (S2)
Prerequisite: Accounting I
One semester, one credit, open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Accounting II builds on concepts from Accounting I to provide a more complex understanding of financial accounting with sections on inventory, specialized journals, and corporate accounting. The class also introduces students to managerial accounting concepts including margin analysis, capital budgeting, forecasting, and product costing.

Business Management (S1) (S2)
One semester, one credit, open to juniors and seniors.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to operate and manage your own business? This course gives students the knowledge to create a business while exploring various business concepts. The class includes units on entrepreneurship, product development, finance, marketing, ethics, and strategic and operations management. The course utilizes realistic business simulations to allow students to make managerial decisions for their own business.

Business and Personal Law (S2)
One semester, one credit, open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Are you curious about the law and how it affects you? This course gives students a solid foundation in business and personal law topics that affect both individuals and organizations. The course provides a thorough analysis of the interplay between rights and duties and the regulatory structure that oversees it. Students will be challenged to think analytically as they study legal cases and view the business environment through a legal framework. The course includes sections on ethics, sources of law, the court system, criminal, tort, contract, consumer, and employment law.

Introduction to Business (S1) (S2)
One semester, one credit, open to freshmen.

The class is designed to give students an introductory understanding of business topics including accounting, marketing, business law, international business, economics, and career exploration. Students will have the opportunity to explore areas of business they are interested in and can then further explore those concepts by taking more advanced and detailed business courses throughout their high school experience.

Investing & Portfolio Management (S1) (S2)
One semester, one credit, open to seniors. 

This course covers the basic principles of investing from the perspective of a professional portfolio manager. Students in the class actively manage a live six-figure stock portfolio that is part of the BSM endowment fund. Students model the portfolio in Microsoft Excel and use it to create various analytical tools to help make sound investment decisions. Course content includes valuation models, risk assessment, analysis of financial securities, portfolio theory, investment banking, time value of money, and financial derivatives.

Personal Financial Management (S1) (S2)
One semester, one credit, open to juniors and seniors.

Do you plan to live on your own someday? Apply for a credit card or a car loan? Set up banking accounts? Financial literacy among teens has been recognized as a necessity to assure financial success. Personal Financial Management helps students become financially literate by gaining knowledge about banking services, savings, wise credit use, and investment planning, buying, or leasing a car, and developing techniques for personal money management.

Sports & Entertainment Marketing (S1) (S2)
One semester, one credit, open to juniors and seniors.

The Gophers, the Vikings, Disney World, movies, stadiums, salary caps, the Emmy’s, NCAA, and endorsements. If these topics appeal to you, then you will like Sports and Entertainment Marketing. Fans and companies spend billions of dollars each year in sports. The entertainment industry is one of the largest exports of the United States. This class highlights marketing concepts through the lens of these industries. Areas of discussion include pricing, public relations, promotions, legal issues, and marketing strategy. Students will produce an entertainment or sporting related project incorporating the knowledge and skills gained in the course and use marketing simulations to gain real world knowledge. Example simulations include ticket pricing, stadium staffing, sponsorships, and promotions.