Adviser/Teacher: Paul Keefe

Band is an academic activity. Two semesters of band fulfills the school’s fine arts requirement. Band is offered to all BSM students in grades 7-12. There are separate bands for 7th grade, 8th grade and senior high (9th-12th grade). In the junior high, the bands meet separately every other day and are scheduled for weekly sectionals. In the senior high, band meets every day with the opportunity for sectionals and ensemble work outside of the school day. Students enrolled in band will perform a wide variety of music, including overtures, marches, lighter classics, and pop tunes. Students will work on improving their rhythm, technique, and style. Public performances include concerts, athletic events, conference band festival with an opportunity for solo and ensemble contest in the spring. Members of the band are responsible to perform as a pep band at select athletic events throughout the fall and winter.

Time Commitment in Senior High: Every day

Time Commitment in Junior High: Every other day