BSM Blog: Behind the Shield

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by Fran McCloskey, Parent and Treasurer on BSM’s Board of Directors
Knight School is my favorite event of the year. It’s fun to be at school for the start of a new year. You get to see all the familiar faces you’ve come to know, and you meet new parents and teachers. It’s hard to imagine, but my husband Mike and I have been part of BSM for 10 years now – times goes...
Senior body president Quinn Ehlen running with the football in a game.
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by Student Body President, Quinn Ehlen ‘18
  What better way to start my senior year than joining a sport I have missed since 6th grade? In honor of my senior year, I decided to pick football back up and give it one more go to play competitively. As defending state champion, this year, the team has come up with the motto - “Run It...
Group of students greeted by faculty/staff walking into school
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by BSM President, Adam Ehrmantraut, Ed.D.
A blast of students descended upon the campus of Benilde-St. Margaret’s in mid-August for the start of fall athletic seasons. Red Knight Roundup brought scores of students and families to campus to ready for the 2017-2018 school year. The most recent orientation events for students and parents...
Magnet of scripture theme placed on lockers
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by Campus Minister, Becca Meagher
“God guides the humble in righteousness, and teaches the humble the way.” – Psalm 25:9 Annual Scripture themes at BSM have been a tradition for the last ten years. Choosing the scripture theme is truly a team effort. After brainstorming ideas for an overarching theme, we find three scripture...