BSM Blog: Behind the Shield

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by Former Parent Association President, Dana Sohm
What does it mean to be a Red Knight parent? Community. Service. Faith. Belonging. Family. In my seventh year as a Red Knight parent, I have been fortunate to experience all of these things. When your child graduates from elementary school, there can be a noticeable lack of volunteer...
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by BSM English Teacher, Casey Mosich
I’ve always fancied myself a nomad. Before teaching, I enjoyed the challenge of mastering a job to then move on to the next. From broadcasting booths to business meetings, I’ve experienced an array of working environments in different fields. Even as a teacher, I had the pleasure of representing a...
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by BSM Parent, Kristin Keese
In the spring of 2017, in connection with our upcoming move from Chicago to the Twin Cities, our family began exploring high school options for our son Peter. We started in a typical fashion, researching schools online and talking to numerous admissions offices. In March, we scheduled shadow visits...
The BSM community celebrates an all-school Mass
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by Chief Advancement Officer, Rebecca Kolis, CFRE
During this season of giving, we are grateful for all who choose to support BSM. Donations, both large and small, fill in what is needed beyond tuition to meet our yearly operating budget. In addition, donations allow BSM to do more for our students. We can add new curriculum, increase our learning...
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by BSM Chaplain, Father Tim Wozniak (BEN ’66)
Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is one of my favorite stories. Many of you who have read it know that the Grinch does all in his power to take away the spirit of Christmas. However, we also know that in taking the trees, ornaments, food, and presents, he fails in his attempt because he...
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by BSM Senior Spencer Sweeney ‘18
This year is the first time that Biomed III has been offered at BSM. It is the last of the cumulative series of Biomedical classes, and it is much different than the past two courses. The class is research based, and if anyone knows anything about research, there’s a lot that could go wrong. So...
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by BSM Seniors Ashley Ortizcazarin ‘18 & Andrew Cadle ‘18
We first began working with one another through the Knight Errant. Ashley captured photos and Andrew laid out pages for the school publication. Our passion for making stories come to life was a major building block for the beginning of our relationship and still is one year later, as we celebrate...
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by BSM President, Adam Ehrmantraut, Ed.D.
November and December are the months of the year that bring Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas in rapid succession. The number of family get-togethers is unmatched during this time of year, and each has its own traditions. Games, feasts, prayers, conversations, and shopping seem to be mainstays in...