Your Gift Makes a Difference

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Back in May 2012, on my regular morning carpool jaunt to BSM with "my" five freshman boys and I had our typical conversation where we discuss a "topic of the day." This day, as we were winding down their freshman year, I asked: "What is your favorite memory of freshman year? And, what is your least favorite memory? Why?" To this inquiry my son, Jonathan, responded, "Oh, that's easy! My least favorite memory is Jack's (Jablonski) paralyzing injury. My favorite memory is winning the state hockey championship for Jack!" I followed up asking why. The other four boys quickly chimed in agreeing with Jonathan giving a variety of responses. Everything they were saying pointed back to one common theme – community. 

Community shown through in the outpouring of prayers, support (emotionally & otherwise), meals, wristbands, "Fix You," home renovating, sponsorship, and so many other ways. My summation back to the boys was that, in the short months since Jack's injury, they had experienced highs and lows of life that many never do. They had experienced one of their schoolmates go through a devastating, horrific, life-changing injury. With the hockey team, that Jack was closely attached to, make it to and win the state tournament, they had experienced a feat that most kids never even get a chance to witness.

They had experienced what it means to be part of a community that is so powerful, nothing can hold it back. They were (and always will be) part of a community that while can't physically touch, you can feel its impact every single day. They were part of an experience that you could never imagine alone, but collectively, provided a lifetime of invaluable lessons in just a few short months. In essence, they experienced what it means to be a Benilde-St. Margaret's Red Knight.

Because of this incredible community, we choose to give to the Benilde-St. Margaret’s Annual Fund. We give as an expression of gratitude for all those before us that gave so that our own children could experience the gift of a BSM education – an education overflowing with leadership and creative skills, academic rigor, and development of the entire person in body, spirit and mind. We give in hopes of assisting those who may not be able to give. We give in hopes that BSM can continue to be an educational leader with innovative curriculum, technology, and faculty development. We give to pay it forward so future Red Knights can have the same exceptional experience our children have had. We give because we want to. We give because we can. We give because someone asked us to.

We are now asking: Will you also give to the Benilde-St. Margaret's Annual Fund?

Save the date for BSM’s Day of Giving, Thursday, May 17, a 24-hour giving campaign that supports every aspect of the BSM experience. You can choose to be part of the community on this special day by making a gift. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference! #RedKnightsUNITE

Click here to learn more about BSM’s Day of Giving.