Why Fall Sports Time is the Best Time!

Why Fall Sports Time is the Best Time!

Now begins the best time of the year: fall sports time. With much anticipation, school cranks into gear and so does the spirit for the activities and athletics here at BSM. Pep fests, all school Mass, spirit days and all the other hype that comes along with the beginning of the school year, shows the true spirit of BSM. And, the mentality of the student-athletes is, focused and passionate.

As a captain of the varsity soccer team, I am no different. Being in a leadership position puts some pressure on me to perform, but also to support my teammates, and subsequently represent the school. An interviewer for the Knight Errant, our school newspaper, asked me what I was looking forward to most for this season. I responded saying, “I am not only excited to succeed and work hard, but also my favorite part of the season is being with the guys, and simply being a team together.”

BSM has always challenged their students to succeed both on and off the field. In addition to our usual practices and games, players take part in activities outside of soccer such as Red Knight Volunteer Corps, Biomedical Club, Link Crew and much more. Our team also succeeds in the classroom and being a Red Knight student first has always been a priority. We have multiple players on the Honor Roll, Highest Honor Roll and National Honors Society.

The extensive list of co-curriculars here at BSM allows every Red Knight to take on a leadership role and work hard. We then are encouraged daily to take those skills and what we have learned on the field and implement that into our community by giving back.

All in all, BSM helps each student become a well-rounded individual by providing endless opportunities to develop a hard work mentality and leadership skills. I am proud to be a part of the BSM Soccer program. It challenges us to work hard every day and remain focused and level-headed during stressful times. In summary, the fall season here at BSM is a great time to get involved in the BSM community through attending or participating in the variety of sports and activities offered.

Looking forward to a great season with the guys and Go Red Knights!