What It Means to Be a Red Knight Parent

What It Means to Be a Red Knight Parent

What does it mean to be a Red Knight parent? Community. Service. Faith. Belonging. Family. In my seventh year as a Red Knight parent, I have been fortunate to experience all of these things.

When your child graduates from elementary school, there can be a noticeable lack of volunteer opportunities for parents in their child’s middle school or high school. While some parents welcome this change, others miss the sense of involvement and getting to know their child’s community. As a serial-volunteer during the 12 years my three daughters were in elementary school, I was fully expecting to phase out of this role when they started attending BSM in seventh grade. I could not have been more wrong.

From the first night we attended a BSM open house, to the wine and cheese reception for new families, and attending Round Up before school started, the warm welcome all the parent volunteers offered us was overwhelming. Shortly after school started, I was introduced to the BSM Parent Association and all of the amazing things this group of parent volunteers does for the school each year.

The Parent Association dates back to the 1950s when it was called “The Mom’s Club.” The group evolved over the years becoming the Parent Association in the mid-90s. The goal was always the same – build community at BSM by hosting social events, supporting the faculty and staff, and fundraising to purchase things the school would not otherwise be able to afford within their operating budget. All of these goals collectively create an environment rich in including parents in the school community.

I was fortunate to serve as the Parent Association president during the 2015-2016 school year and witness first-hand how parents came together to fill over 700 volunteer positions. It was truly an honor to write the year-end letter to the BSM president detailing the $70,000 financial gift given back to the school from Parent Association dues and countless hours of fundraising during the year.

The Parent Association specifically supports social programs, ways and means, faith and wellness, hospitality, student/faculty recognition and junior high activities. Some of the larger events hosted during the year include the Homecoming BBQ, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Knight, Knightsbridge holiday shopping event and the Treasure Hunt garage sale. In addition, the Parent Association provides hospitality at all BSM gatherings, honors students and faculty during the year, provides a prayer line for our community, and runs a speaking series during the year for parents.

Being a parent in the BSM community offers everyone an opportunity to be a part of the Parent Association and assist in these events. There are jobs suited for everyone and at various times of the day, not just during the school day. All volunteer opportunities are noted each week in the Knightly News, and special emails are also sent during the year