Thank You Class of 2018

Thank You Class of 2018

This is a thank you note. Well, I suppose technically it’s a “thank you blog.” So here it goes...

Thank you, Class of 2018, for the beautiful Senior Class Gift!

It’s a cross but not just any cross. It's a handmade cross created by using stones from one of the rock courtyards at BSM. 

If you’ve been on campus lately, or even within the last fifty years, you might recall that there are three outdoor areas, surrounded by classrooms, with, well, rocks. That’s it, just rocks. I’m not sure what the Christian Brother’s had in mind when they designed the building, but what we have now are these courtyard areas surrounded by classrooms and hallways that create a less than interesting view. You might think...well maybe they are beautiful stones, with smooth shapes and interesting colors? Nope, they are just rocks. Plain old rocks.

So how is it that the Class of 2018 could come up with an idea that takes plain old rocks and creates a powerful, unique, and meaningful senior class gift? I believe it’s because the Class of 2018 understands, at some level, the true meaning of the religious symbol of the cross.

The cross, I would contend, is the most important symbol in all of Christianity. It’s the symbol that connects the human to the divine. Jesus died a very human and painful death, death by crucifixion. Yet, Jesus rose in the most divine way, eventually being taken, bodily, into heaven through the Ascension. The cross is a symbol that reminds us that suffering and death do not have the final say. The final say is eternal life with God in heaven and peace and joy for those of us on earth. It is the promise made to all of us as children of God.

So how does this connect to the plain old rocks? Transformation. It’s that simple. God invites us to transform our lives to become something wonderful and beautiful. The plain old rocks of the courtyard become part of something so powerful that it transcends our understanding and offers us the most amazing gift of peace and joy, both in this world and the next. It’s the hope of the cross. The Class of 2018 has taken the plain old rocks of this world (closed mindedness, selfishness, greed, and hate) and turned them into the most beautiful symbol that shows us love, compassion, acceptance, mercy, and hope.

I think the members of the Class of 2018 have done this very same thing in the way that they have shown up for each other. In the way that they have accepted and supported each other and the younger students in the school. In the way that they have done their very best to be young people of compassion, kindness and mercy. In the way that they have faced challenges and hardships with a heart of joy and hope.

So, thank you, Class of 2018. Not just for the cross made of plain old rocks, but for the way that you have showed me how lives can be transformed by simply living the way of the cross. Each member of the Class of 2018 will sign the cross before it’s displayed in a new part of our building that is currently under construction. I will always remember your gift and your class. Thank you.

Your principal, Dr. Skinner

Authors note: In addition to three new science labs, the new construction referenced will transform one of our current “rock courtyards” into a tiered space that can be used for collaborative work, small performances, gatherings and celebrations of our life as a community. Read the Knight Errant article on the new renovations here