Saying Yes.

Saying Yes.

In this week’s blog written by BSM Parent Oufreez Argenta, she explains how “saying yes” helped her family join the Red Knight community whole-heartedly, and why you should say yes, too.

Being a part of the BSM Community can take on many different forms, depending on where your connection to the school begins. Regardless of where your journey starts, I challenge you to “yes” throughout your years here and see where those connections lead you!

When I was part of a prospective family looking at schools for my children, I knew that I wanted to be a part of a community that was as engaged, spirited, proud, open and loving as this one. In fact, the sense of community that we witnessed when we first visited BSM played a big part in our decision to send our children here.

Not really knowing anyone at the start of our BSM journey, my main concern was getting my daughter to feel a part of the community as quickly as possible. My husband and I told her to pick a fall sport knowing that this would be her earliest opportunity to meet friends. What we didn’t anticipate is how her choice of sports would be so crucial in shaping the nature of our relationship with this school community going forward.

Swim meets, we quickly learned, were great places to meet other parents and midway through swim season, we found ourselves sitting with a small group of new friends. These friends asked us if we were going to the homecoming barbeque and game. They asked if we were going to the Knight for All Seasons auction. We said “yes” without fully knowing what we were saying yes to.

The next year we went to these events and said yes to attending one of the Great Gatherings that we had heard about at the auction. We met new people at the Great Gathering and from there, I was asked to take on a role in the Parent Association. Again, I said “yes” without fully knowing what I was saying yes to.

From my smaller role in Parent Association, I was asked to join the PA Board. Another “yes” helped me land a great role on the board where I got to know a lot of the BSM staff more closely. After one year in this role, I was asked to take on greater responsibility. Can you guess what my answer was?

As I write this, I am now on a trajectory that will take me right to the center of the BSM community in the next couple of years. It is a path I couldn’t have imagined for myself when we first started here. But it is a path that I am sure will lead to more friendships, more support and a more meaningful experience for our family at BSM. And all it took to get here was saying, “YES!”

I was asked to share what I think makes our community special. I think it is all of the caring adults who make it a priority to say “yes” so that our children feel loved and supported during this crucial time in their lives. Am I glad we decided to send our children to BSM? YES!