Reflections on a “Game-Changing” Mission Trip

Reflections on a “Game-Changing” Mission Trip

At Benilde-St. Margaret’s, the principal of service is ever-present throughout daily activities performed by students, faculty and staff members. While this ideal is stressed every day at BSM, word of a recent project that is meant to aid the school in its journey of positively impacting the community has not been quite so widespread.

With the value of female empowerment becoming increasingly more relevant as time progresses, faculty members Claire Shea and Becca Meagher sought to create a way to bring this concept to life at BSM. They initiated a girls' mission trip that is meant to reach out to girls with a passion for service and an interest in deepening their faith, while also helping participants realize their true potential in society as a woman.
The theme of this summer's mission trip to Rapid City, South Dakota, was "Be the game changer." Each day, the members of the trip touched on a different subject such as leadership or peace and discussed them during the morning and again at night. These topics would influence how the group viewed their service each day and helped everyone learn a little more about themselves.

As someone who has been lucky enough to participate in this trip both years it has operated, I can attest to how influential the mission trip has been in my life and in the lives of those that I am closest with.

While spending a week straight with peers is enough to make anybody go insane, my experience has proven to have the complete opposite effect. Not only have I been able to form friendships that I wouldn't have made otherwise, but I’ve also been able to learn so much about myself and others. One idea that has resonated with me from the trip and that I saw in effect, was how we aren't only serving the community, the community is serving us. The things that I have learned and the memories that I have made on the trips will be carried with me throughout the rest of my life.

Whether volunteering at a bike shop or a nursing home, it was obvious how the positive memories we gave to those we were assisting, were reciprocated. One of the standout moments of the trip for me was when Mrs. Meagher and Mrs. Shea prayed over all twelve of us girls while washing our feet. It was such an emotional and raw moment and gave us a chance to realize how much we mean to them. These types of memories that I made on the mission trip make it clear to me how thankful I am that it was brought to fruition. 

While the girls’ mission trip hasn't existed very long at BSM, it is easy for me to see how this could make a difference in BSM's community. This past mission trip was extremely special and impactful for me and I hope to see the girls’ mission trip flourish at Benilde-St. Margaret's in the future.