Raise the Bar

Senior body president Quinn Ehlen running with the football in a game.

Raise the Bar


What better way to start my senior year than joining a sport I have missed since 6th grade? In honor of my senior year, I decided to pick football back up and give it one more go to play competitively. As defending state champion, this year, the team has come up with the motto - “Run It Back!” In addition to the team, the entire school could adopt this phrase. With all the successes last year in such a wide range of disciplines, everyone could be striving to #RunItBack.

Instead, I think Benilde-St. Margaret’s should adopt another motto, one that will come with new accomplishments. Why should we be content with achieving the same success as we did last year? Instead of “Running It Back,” my goal and hope for the BSM community is to “Raise the Bar.” No matter how much we have achieved in the past couple of years, this is the year to raise the bar and reach higher. Also, some sports, like boys’ lacrosse, still need to "restore the order" (RTO). 

When reflecting on my BSM career, the community and school spirit has always stood out to me. Ever since my first day as a BSM 7th grader, I have always been impressed with the inclusiveness of this community. I was curious going into junior high if the social stereotypes were true. Were there going to be a lot of the stereotypical cliques? How do you talk to girls? Do you have to talk to girls? What I found though, was that everyone was included. There was not a single person that was unable to find someone to talk to or share commonalities with.

I felt this inclusiveness again when I joined the Red Knight football team. The coaches and players welcomed me to the team without hesitation. Whether it was winning the custard-eating contest at Culver’s or just bonding with the team at practice, I have felt as though I have been playing for years.

As a senior, I am excited to see what the upcoming school year will bring. Much can be learned about the dynamic of the students in the fall. From attendance at school events, to the attitude at assemblies and school Mass, the beginning of the year sets the tone. The fall is a great time of year to prove ourselves as a community by bringing energy to soccer games, football games, volleyball matches, the Homecoming pep fest and all school events. The senior class also has a significant impact on the community and the school year overall. I truly believe that the Class of 2018 will make it a great one. We have great leaders, students with many talents, incredible energy and so far, an awesome Red Knight attitude. All of these aspects will influence the community and make for an outstanding year ahead. 

As my sixth and final year here at BSM has come, it would be easy for me to look forward and slip into the futuristic mindset of what comes next. Instead, I will reflect on my time here at BSM, cherish it, and make the most of my final memories attending high school in this impactful community. In order to set a new standard of excellence in the community of Benilde-St. Margaret’s, I hope together we will “Raise the Bar” this year and all years to come. Go Red Knights!