President's Edition: The Gift of a BSM Education

President's Edition: The Gift of a BSM Education

As I walked through the main hallway earlier today, on my left, I noticed our Chapel filled with students wrapped in prayer and to my right in the darkened Great Hall, a prayer labyrinth was illuminated by candlelight. There are particular times throughout the year when the gifts of our Benilde-St. Margaret’s community shine brightly, and today clearly marked one of those days. This is how some of our students describe the gift of their BSM education.

Katherine Walesch, Class of 2024

BSM has given me so many wonderful gifts within my short time here. The entire school works hard to prepare me for high school and college, to improve myself and to improve my educational experience. Every day BSM strives to make the school the best it can be and I'm so thankful for that. Thanks to BSM, wherever I go after high school, I know that I will be ready to face the challenges that may come my way. I can't wait to spend the rest of my school career with BSM supporting me all the way.

Eloise Ashton-Piper, Class of 2021

Being able to attend BSM has been such a great experience for me so far. The school has gifted me so many amazing opportunities. Watching how the school supported two of my older brothers when they were students made me really excited to begin my journey here at BSM. What I found was a welcoming student body and a faculty and staff setting me up for success. The school truly sees potential in every student no matter how that individual may view their academic abilities. The gift of a BSM education has helped me grow and mature in not only academics but also all aspects of life and for that I am so grateful.

Joseph Marinaro Class of 2020

The gift of a BSM education means that I am being properly prepared for my future. The BSM educators have taught and continue to teach me basic and advanced academic skills that I need to succeed in college and beyond.  They have also given me the opportunity to practice my leadership, community and teamwork skills through a variety of co-curricular activities, which also allow me to pursue success and have fun in activities that I enjoy. I am extremely grateful to be receiving the gift of a BSM education!

I wish each of you a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Adam Ehrmantraut, EdD