Pippin Actors Prepare to Take the Stage Oct. 25-28

Pippin Actors Prepare to Take the Stage Oct. 25-28

Julia Hoover, playing the part of Leading Player

We are very proud to open BSM’s fall show; PIPPIN! We have spent many hours over the past month or so preparing, and while there have been a few bumps along the way, the process has been very rewarding.

This show presented a great challenge to me, as the role of the “Leading Player” was nothing like the characters I had ever played before. I have been doing theater since I was very young, and I’ve never experienced another show quite like Pippin. When I first saw the show, I was surprised at how underneath the glitz and glamour, there was a search for something every person  reflects upon at some point; the meaning of life.

One of my favorite parts of participating in the drama department and theater, is being able to portray stories that make people think, and I’m hoping our production will do just that. It has been an absolute joy to work with our wonderful cast, crew, and directors. We hope to see you at a show!

Matthew Hansberry, playing the part of Pippin

We are about to start performing the BSM musical, PIPPIN! After spending many months practicing and preparing, we are finally ready to showcase our talents to the BSM community and I am extremely excited to start the musical!

This show has been so much fun, with Pippin being my first senior high production and being one of the leads, “Pippin.” The whole process can be very stressful trying to perfect everything, but with the wonderful directors and cast members, it’s also been a ton of fun.

With the performances this week, people are always amazed at what we do. With the hard work and dedication that we all put into the play, I can say I feel the same way, and am continuously amazed by the energy and passion these actors have for this!

My favorite thing about theater and being able to participate in the drama department is the people, as well as the singing and the energy that comes along with that. Having the opportunity to meet fellow classmates who I don’t think I would have known if it wasn’t for the play has been amazing. I hope that we meet all your greatest expectations and make your night simply extraordinary! We are all very excited to perform and show our talents to all of our Red Knight family and friends!  

The senior high fall production of Pippin runs from Oct. 25 – 28. Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s shows will take place at 7 p.m. with Sunday’s show set for 2 p.m. Purchase your tickets online here.

To get a sneak peek and learn more about the production of Pippin, click here.