Paying it Forward at BSM

Paying it Forward at BSM

I recently saw a commercial that featured five retired BSM teachers, coaches and administrators. They call themselves the 5 H’s. All these men taught, coached and, far too often, disciplined me when I was a student.

The tag line of this BSM-inspired commercial got me thinking about my own BSM story. I have hundreds of them, which validate why we send our kids to BSM and why we continue to support both the short and long-term needs of the school. I’m guessing that everyone has at least one BSM story that confirms why it is your kids attend the school. If you are new and don’t have one yet, I can guarantee you will very soon.

As Minnesotans, we all love a bargain and the truth is, BSM is a great deal. We pay tuition, so our kids can attend this wonderful school. However, the full cost of educating your student is actually $1,636 more than what we pay. The difference is made up through the Annual Fund.

Please consider the impact and value the Annual Fund has for our school and what your student experiences each day. When you receive a letter, email or maybe a call from a student, to whatever degree you are able, I ask that you please support the Annual Fund. 

BSM does not have a tax base, bond issues or referendums. Updating and improving our children’s experience, our curriculum and facilities, starts and ends with the generosity of those who came before us and those currently experiencing all our school has to offer. Please be open to making a gift not only for your kids, but also for future Red Knights.

Essentially, BSM works on a “Pay it Forward” basis! That which we do today will be enjoyed and celebrated for many years to come, just as we are benefitting from the generosity of those who gave to BSM generations ago.

My wife and I chose to make the huge commitment to send our children to BSM. When we are done, we will have 24 years of tuition in the books! Tuition is a sacrifice for all of us – but I assure you, it’s worth every penny. I ask that you please give to the Annual Fund as you are comfortable. Every dollar counts. Most importantly, figure out and share your BSM stories. Our stories reinforce who we are and the value of our Red Knight community. 

To learn more about the Annual Fund and to make a gift, click here.